Reality Steve Bachelor Spoilers 2016: Who Does Ben Pick In The End?

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It’s Monday and you know what that means – a new episode of The Bachelor is on tonight! As we’ve mentioned in previous weeks, we have all the Bachelor spoilers you need for this season, thanks to Reality Steve, of course. If you want to know who Ben picks at the final rose ceremony, who makes it to hometown dates and which unlucky lady will be sent home broken-hearted on the final night, keep reading! We have all of the amazing spoilers to get you through to the end of the season! Enjoy!

Reality Steve Bachelor Spoilers 2016: Who Does Ben Choose? 

It’s the million dollar question every season and, while Reality Steve has a pretty good track record when it comes to successfully spoiling the show, there is always a chance he might be wrong. So, in this article you will see his reports of how the season goes but only time will tell if he’s right again. So, let’s get to it.

According to Steve, your final 4 this year are: Lauren Bushnell, Jojo, Amanda and Caila. We’ve already seen Ben have one-on-one dates with Lauren B and Caila and tonight we’ll see his first one-on-one with JoJo. Given the amount of screen time these women have received so far, it’s safe to say that Steve’s reports of these ladies as the Final 4 are quite accurate.

When it comes to spoilers, fans always want to know the breakdown of eliminations after the Final 4. Well, here you go: After hometown dates, Amanda is eliminated, followed by Caila after fantasy dates. Jojo and Lauren B are your Final 2 this season and it’s Lauren B who Ben chooses – and proposes to – in the end. Poor Jojo is sent home broken-hearted after the final rose ceremony.

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Fame 10 Staff