Reality Steve Bachelor Spoilers 2016: Who Does Ben Higgins Pick?

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Tonight is the night Bachelor fans have been waiting for since last season of The Bachelorette ended with a proposal between Kaitlyn and Shawn. So, what’s in store for this season? For those of you who want to know who Ben Higgins chooses this season, we have all the details on his final pick – as well as who he takes home after picking his final four.

So, let’s get to it! Below you will find a condensed version of Reality Steve’s spoilers for 2016. As always, while we believe his spoilers to be true (as they have been so many seasons before), there is always a chance that his spoilers are incorrect. So, take these for what they’re worth.

Reality Steve’s Bachelor Spoilers 2016: Who Does Ben Higgins Pick? This is the question fans will be asking all season and we have the answers for you right here. Without further adieu, here are your final four: Lauren Bushnell, Amanda Stanton, JoJo Fletcher and Caila Quinn. Amanda is eliminated after hometown dates, Caila is eliminated after overnight dates, leaving JoJo and Lauren B as your final 2.

At the final rose ceremony Ben picks Lauren Bushnell and JoJo is sent home brokenhearted.

So, there you have it! Ben chooses Lauren in the end and the two are engaged!

You can see pics of the Final Four here

Do you think Ben made the right choice?