Prince Harry Is Ready For Kids And Settling Down “Right Now”

Photo by REX (4271090c)

Photo by REX (4271090c)

For a long time, Prince William’s little brother Prince Harry has been known as one of the most eligible bachelors in the world but now at 30 it seems he has done some growing up and is completely ready to give up his bachelor lifestyle.

While in New Zealand he talked with Sky News about his future and thoughts on having a family after his brother just welcomed his second child with Kate Middleton.

“There come times when you think now is the time to settle down, or now is not, whatever way it is, but I don’t think you can force these things it will happen when it’s going to happen,” he stated. “Of course, I would love to have kids right now, but there’s a process that one has to go through.”

Also, watching Kate and Prince William stand by each other has made Prince Harry think it would be nice to have someone along with him as he goes on his trips such as the one in New Zealand. “Hopefully I’m doing all right by myself. It would be great to have someone else next to me to share the pressure. But, you know, time will come and whatever happens, happens.”

It seems the arrival of Princess Charlotte has incited some baby fever in the royal family, although Harry hasn’t had the chance to meet his niece yet as she came a little later than expected.

“He [William] sent me two photos; one before everybody else, which was nice, and then another – one with her back with George back home. So as, I said, I’m so looking forward to seeing her, to meeting her and to holding her.”

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