Nick Cannon Talks Ex Mariah Carey And Defends Amber Rose’s Career

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Nick Cannon, 34, was married for six years to one of the world’s biggest pop divas, Mariah Carey, and although there were rumors circulating about possible infidelity and a nasty break-up, Cannon was nothing but polite when discussing his former flame.

While on Watch What Happens Live on Thursday March 19, host Andy Cohen gave Cannon every opportunity to throw shade at his ex-wife especially when he brought up her heavily criticized film, Glitter, but he just claimed he loves it.

“Awesome movie! Honest opinion, great movie, even better soundtrack. We have watched that movie together, I loved it so much before I got married, and she actually doesn’t like it. But I actually really love it.”

He even talked about the cheating rumors that swirled, especially after Carey seemingly changed the lyrics to her song “Don’t Explain” during  a 2014 concert, singing, “I know you cheated, mother f–ker.” “But weren’t [those] the lyrics already?,” Nick asked. “She just added the moterf–ker to it,” and when asked if it was about him he denied it, “Was I the motherf–er? I have…no! I don’t believe that was about me.”

While it seems Cannon has since moved on and is now dating model Jessica White, it was none other than Amber Rose who he was first linked to following his split from Carey. And while the two never dated, Cannon fully supports her.

He stated that the “biggest misconception” about the controversial model is that, “she is one of those people that’s just, uh, probably out to just sell herself for the fame. Really, she’s very intelligent lady that actually has an incredible story that the world will get the opportunity to hear very soon.”

He then revealed that she is writing a book, “It’s going to be a whole different journey than others believe her tale is all about.”

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