Meghan Markle Reveals That Baby Archie Hit An Important Milestone


Baby Archie is growing so fast!

This week, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex made a surprise visit to military families that have loved ones abroad. During the visit, the Duchess chatted with other parents about childhood milestones like teething, crawling and sleep schedules.

One of the mothers who chatted with Meghan opened up about their conversation with Army & You Magazine and revealed that Archie is beginning to crawl. “My daughter Aeris is the same age as Archie and we talked about weaning and the children beginning to crawl—she’s just a normal mum and it was like talking to a friend,” said Amy Thompson.

Aside from crawling, Meghan also revealed another important milestone that 6-month old Archie has hit. “Look at all your little teeth!” Meghan says to a young girl in the clip. “Archie just got two teeth, two tiny ones right there (motioning toward her front bottom teeth).”

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