Meghan Markle Just Made A Surprise Appearance At The British Fashion Awards

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When it comes to Royal public appearances. they are usually scheduled well in advance and relayed to the public and authorities to know when to expect them. With this in mind, whenever a Royal steps out unexpected and unannounced, it’s always a pleasant and shocking surprise.

This is exactly what happened last night at the annual 2018 British Fashion Awards! The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, shocked everyone when she appeared on stage unannounced to present Givenchy’s Clare Wright Keller with the British designer of the year award. While Meghan’s appearance was certainly a surprise, the appearance does make sense because Clare was the mastermind behind Meghan’s iconic Givenchy bridal look. The duo has also worked together countless times through Meghan’s royal reign so far since many of her public appearance looks have been designed by Givenchy.

Meghan’s look for the surprise appearance was, of course, designed by Givenchy, and might be one of her riskiest royal looks to date! The look featured a sleek silhouette and a sultry one-shoulder neckline. The dress hugged her figure perfectly and showed off her budding baby bump that is finally revealing itself. She pulled her hair into a sophisticated bun and donned chunky gold bangles on her wrists. Another noticeable aspect of this look is the fact that Meghan is wearing black nail polish, which goes against the Queen’s strict rule of light pink nail polish or nude nails only. While the look was undeniably risk, we have to admit that she looks seriously stunning!

Check out the glamorous look below:

Source: Instagram Source: Instagram Source: Instagram
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