Meghan Markle’s Best And Worst Fashion Moments Of 2018

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Meghan Markle took the world by storm this year when she married into the Royal family and became the Duchess of Sussex. Her every move was cast into the spotlight, and especially so when it came to her style. Considering she was required to make a considerably dramatic transition from glitzy celebrity to conservative royal figure, we’d say she’s done a great job so far with keeping her looks polished and sophisticated. That’s not to say, however, that she hasn’t had a few slips along the way. Follow along as we retrace all of the Duchess of Sussex’s best, and admittedly worst, fashion moments of 2018:

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21. Best — July 2018

Meghan looks stunning in rich, jewel-tones, which is exactly why we loved this sleek forest green number on her! She stepped out wearing this look in July and it was the perfect modern take on effortless sophistication. The look was designed by her go-to brand Givenchy and featured a slim pencil skirt with dramatic pockets and a perfectly coordinating knit sweater. She pulled her hair into a polished bun and held a brown tote in hand.

Matt Crossick/ EMPICS Entertainment.

20. Worst — October 2018

Meghan is usually an expert when it comes to summery sundresses, but we have to admit this one wasn’t one of our favorites. While we love the olive and burnt orange stripes, the shape of the dress wasn’t the most flattering. Her figure seemed to drown in the excess of material on the skirt and it also seemed a little too long on her.

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19. Best — July 2018

Meghan was all smiles when she stepped out in July on her tour of Ireland. The Roland Mouret dress fit her like a glove and featured two of her favorite style details that have become her signature — an asymmetrical skirt and a slight bateau neckline. Aside from the flattering shape, the neutral shade of grey was lovely on Meghan’s dark features.

Matt Crossick/ EMPICS Entertainment.

18. Worst — October 2018

This striped dress from the Royal Australian tour definitely had the potential to be a winning fashion moment for Meghan, but unfortunately, it didn’t seem to fit her quite right. The sleeves bunched and added volume to her arms in an unflattering and unnecessary way. Aside from this, we love the style and print of this look.

Source: Press Association

17. Best — November 2018

Meghan stepped out looking absolutely radiant in this deep purple look while visiting the Hubb Community Kitchen in November. The preppy look came across as something straight of Kate Middleton’s playbook with the monochromatic color scheme and refined peter pan collar. She topped the look by pulling her hair into a low ponytail and rocking chic cutout booties.

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16. Worst — February 2018

Meghan Markle definitely surprised the world when she stepped out wearing these wide leg pants for a public appearance back in February. Previously it was expected for royal women to wear skirts and dresses for official outings, but Markle has often opted for trouser pants instead. We love that despite joining the royal family, Markle still continues to stay true to her personal style and clothing preferences, but unfortunately, this style of pant wasn’t the best decision! We would have much preferred a more tailored, skinny leg trouser with a patterned, full-length coat.

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15. Best — March 2018

Meghan is a huge fan of sleek shapes and minimal pattern when it comes to her style and this outfit is the perfect example of that. She visited Ireland wearing a mermaid-cut olive skirt and a cream cashmere sweater designed by Victoria Beckham. To top her look, she wore a taupe wrap coat and pointed toe velvet heels. The true standout style element of this look is her tousled messy bun! Previously it was expected for royals to have prim and proper glossy curls, but Meghan broke boundaries and stayed true to her own low key style with the bun.

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14. Worst — October 2018

We definitely have a love-hate relationship with this crisp blue look worn by Markle for a state dinner at the Grand Pacific Hotel in Fiji. While we seriously love this shade of blue on Markle and typically adore cape-style dresses, this one was surprisingly not overly flattering. Since there was no detail, the cape and the silhouette of the dress blended into each other and made Markle appear much wider than she actually is!

Source: Press Association

13. Best — October 2018

One of Meghan’s go-to colors is navy blue and for good reason! This shade looks seriously stunning on Meghan with her brunette tresses and dark features. We especially love this asymmetrical navy dress she wore in Melbourne. This look is chic and trendy, but still modest and appropriate for a Duchess.

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12. Worst — October 2018

We’re not opposed to casual dressing by any means, but Meghan doesn’t seem to have mastered what style of denim works for her yet based on her casual public appearances on her Australian tour. These black jeans simply fit her too loose and ended up looking slouchy and messy, especially when tucked into boots like this. We aren’t against denim, but it’s definitely key to ensure a perfect fit beforehand!


11. Best — July 2018

Meghan Markle stepped out in July wearing a striking little black dress designed by Dior for the RAF Centenary at Westminster Abbey, London. The dress was quite similar to her wedding dress with its simple shape and bateau neckline. She dressed the look up with a chic fascinator and nude pointed heels. She also pulled her hair back into a sleek bun which really showed off the flattering neckline of the dress and her petite frame.

Doug Peters/EMPICS

10. Worst — October 2018

This cherry red look worn by Meghan Markle in Tonga would have perhaps been one of our favorites of the whole Australian tour, but one tiny detail swayed us otherwise — she left the tag on her dress! This is one of the biggest fashion faux pas, especially for a public figure or royal. As much as we love this striking red number, we have to call it one of her worst looks because of the distracting tag trailing around her ankles at the hemline.

Source: Press Association

9. Best — June 2018

Meghan Markle recently stepped out for her first solo appearance with the Queen wearing this chic and sophisticated taupe dress. The dress was designed by Givenchy which is the same designer that created her highly anticipated and iconic wedding gown. Her wedding gown also had an off-the-shoulder neckline which has proven to be the Duchess’ go-to for many of her royal public appearances so far.

Source: Everett Collection

8. Worst — October 2018

Meghan has a very petite and slender frame, so it’s important that she pays close attention to tailoring and fit when she’s selecting an outfit. As much as we love Meghan in a casual look, we have to admit this one wasn’t one of her best. The black skinny jeans fit a little big and looked slouchy and messy sitting on top of her lace-up boots. We would have much preferred a skinnier fit of jean and a more polished shoe to make her look a little more refined and neat.


7. Best — May 2018

We couldn’t have a Meghan Markle style roundup without mentioning her highly anticipated wedding dress! There were many mixed reviews when it came to her dress, but when it comes down to it, the dress rang very true to her style. She favors pieces that are quite low maintenance and simple, which is why a sleek long sleeve dress with a subtle boat neck collar was the perfect choice for her fairytale day.

Source: Press Association

6. Worst — October 2018

For their second day in Fiji, Meghan and Harry both stepped out wearing flowery, boho numbers. While it’s rare to see Markle in a print, we can’t say this is one of our favorite styles on her! The shape of the dress itself isn’t too bad, but the bold print in combination with the pom-pom detailing at the waist came across a little tacky.

Doug Peters/EMPICS

5. Best — July 2018

One of Meghan Markle’s boldest royal looks so far is this sophisticated yellow dress she wore for a Commonwealth event in London. Previously, she had stuck to a relatively neutral wardrobe palette filled with blacks, blush pinks and nudes, so the bright canary yellow gown was a lovely surprise. Aside from the color, the midi dress also fit her body perfectly and featured an elegant bateau neckline which has seemingly become her signature.

Source: Press Association

4. Worst — October 2018

While we’re actually really big fans of this striped Reformation dress, we have to admit it didn’t seem like the best option for Markle. The super thigh-high slit was better suited for her California days than something appropriate to wear as a Duchess! We can definitely imagine that the Queen had a problem with this risky look.

Doug Peters/EMPICS

3. Best — October 2018

One of Meghan’s most memorable looks from the entire Royal Australian tour was this swoon-worthy Oscar De La Renta dress she wore to the Australian Geographic Society Awards at the Shangri-La Hotel in Sydney. The dress was a true Princess fairytale moment with the voluminous tulle skirt and intricate detail. We especially love the unique floating neckline of this look!

Source: Press Association

2. Worst — October 2018

Meghan Markle turned quite a few heads in one of her last appearances of the tour in New Zealand where she wore a royal blue sweater and skirt combo. While we love the pleated midi skirt and the contrasting pops of light blue, we’re not sure that Markle realized the skirt was completely sheer in the daylight! The look bared all from the waist down and we’re quite certain the Queen would not have been a fan of a look this revealing on a Duchess.

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1. Best — May 2018

Of all of Meghan Markle’s royal looks so far in 2018, the favorite has got to be the sleek white dress she changed into following the civil wedding ceremony! Again, the look was quite simple, but the halter neckline and sleek shape really brought the glamour. The dress fit her like a glove and opting to pull her hair back to show off the neckline was the perfect touch.

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