Meghan Markle Hosted A Meeting With South African Female Activists

Source: Sussex Royal Instagram

Source: Sussex Royal Instagram

Meghan Markle is continuing to shine her light on female rights during the Sussex royal Africa tour!

The Duchess hosted a meet-up with a group of distinguished South African female activists during her stay in Cape Town. Meghan’s goal of the meeting was to grasp a better understanding of the focus of her guests’ work while discussing some of the challenges they still face when navigating female rights in South Africa. Meghan called the discussion, “a meeting of minds – a group of women ranging from a legendary anti-apartheid activist, female parliamentarians, professors, educators, and policymakers to discuss the rights of women in South Africa.”

Meghan shared with the group: “We can learn a certain amount from the outside, by tracking it through the news, but it’s not the same as being able to truly understand what it’s like on the ground. Much of my life I have been advocating for women and girls’ rights, so this has been an incredibly powerful moment to hear first-hand from all of you.”

“I have been so moved by what I have heard. The leadership and strength shown by these women are remarkable, and at a time when the issue of gender and gender-based violence is at the forefront of people’s minds, I hope their voices will resonate and not only give comfort but also create change,” she added. “This is not just a South African issue, this is a global problem that can only find solutions with the attention and work of everyone, regardless of gender, status, politics, race or nationality.”

For the occasion, Meghan dressed simply and professionally in a black tank top paired with a striped midi-length dress.

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Check out some of the touching photos from the meeting below:


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