Megan Fox Plays Pictionary With Jimmy Fallon

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Megan Fox can handle a bunch of teenage mutant ninja turtles — but can she handle Pictionary?

Appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the 28 year-old actress faced off against Jimmy in a game of Pictionary, where both of them had to try and draw a picture of a person taking a selfie.

The round didn’t start off well, as initial guesses included “alien,” “turn on a light switch” and “dancing.” But once one of them made it clearer that it was a person holding a phone, the game gained momentum.

Who won? Check out the video to find out if Jimmy or Megan has the best Pictionary skills!

In another round of the game, Megan had to draw a frog — but let’s just say that drawing animals is not one of her many talents.

Megan, a married mother of two young boys, wowed in a tight grey dress with orange trim and sky-high strappy black stiletto sandals. She wore her brown hair in long, wavy tresses.

She filmed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles while pregnant. “I constantly had a big box of saltine crackers with me wherever I went,” she said. “So in between takes I would scurry away and shove a bunch of saltines in my mouth to keep me from being nauseous.” 

The film hits theaters today.


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