Mady And Cara Gosselin Open Up About Not Seeing Their Dad Jon

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Almost 10 years ago, TV audiences were introduced to the lives of Jon and Kate Gosselin when the couple landed their own TLC television series documenting the arrival of their sextuplets, in addition to their twins, making them a family of 10.

Now, Jon and Kate have separated in a highly publicized divorce, and have both spoken out to the media about the split and fighting over their children. In a new issue of People magazine, Kate Gosselin is opening up more than ever about her life with her eight children, a few months after Jon revealed he rarely if ever sees his kids anymore, and many were quick to point fingers at Kate and accuse her of keeping the children away from him.

On the contrary, however, 15-year-old twins Mady and Cara Gosselin have revealed their own take on what is actually happening and in the interview with People the two gave their own opinions and denied that they were intentionally being kept away from him.

Cara was less open to sharing her thoughts but did say, “I wouldn’t even know what to say about him,” but Mady had more of an explanation. “He makes it seem like we’re being kept from him, which is insane. He should maybe spend some time thinking about why we don’t want to see him, and maybe realize that if he ever does want a relationship with us, talking about us on TV is not the way to make that happen.”

She added, “He doesn’t even know us. How can he dare to talk about us?”

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