Justin Bieber Arrested In Canada While With Selena Gomez

DFree / Shutterstock.com

“A prophet holds no honor in his home town.” A wise man once said it. Justin Bieber is now feeling it.

Justin was arrested in Canada for reckless driving and assault, after his ATV (four-wheeler) struck a minivan. What he was doing near a road on an ATV, one has to guess, but after the accident, the altercation between he and the other driver turned physical.

Yes. It seems Selena Gomez was there for the whole thing. We all knew about her trek to Ontario with her dude, but now it seems she may be a key witness to a potential crime.

This little guy is trying so hard to be a man. He’s always ready to fight people. How long does he think he can play with matches and a can of gasoline before he’s engulfed in flames. As it stands, he has hidden behind security, but what happens when his security meets a force that is completely neutralizing, and targeting Justin? Justin needs to find the straight and narrow, fast!

After his arrest, Justin was taken to local police headquarters where he was booked, posted bail and released; however, he’s supposed to  make a court appearance in a month. So far, it sounds as if an attorney being present in his stead will be satisfactory, but that’s sometimes a little something that is added to a story by a publicist, so the paparazzi are steered away from the easy pickings. And Justin Bieber has become easy pickings.

For more on this recurring, Justin Bieber story line, check out the video below.


James Sheldon