Jersey Shore’s Ronnie Ortiz-Magro’s Ex Arrested For Domestic Battery

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If things weren’t bad enough between Jersey Shore star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and his ex Jen Harley, on Sunday, June 24 Harley was arrested for domestic battery after an incident between herself and the reality star.

Harley, who shares 2-month-old daughter Ariana Sky with Ortiz-Magro, was arrested after the two reportedly got into a fight while driving home from a barbecue in Las Vegas. According to reports Ortiz-Magro demanded that Harley pull over and let him out of the car but when she stopped he got caught in the seat belt and she took off anyway, dragging and injuring him while their daughter was in the car.

Additionally a source told Us Weekly that when Harley was arrested, she ” was driving so erratically that three out of her four tires were flat,” and, “She drove over a median.”

The sourced added, “Jen hit Ronnie in the face during the argument, and he asked [her to] pull over and let him out of the car. She stopped, and Ronnie tried getting out and got caught in his seatbelt. Jen started driving away, dragging Ronnie. Ariana was in the car at the time in the back seat. … Ronnie’s face was bloodied and bruised, and he’s got a nasty road rash.”

Unfortunately, this is just the latest incident between the two less than amicable exes. In early June it was reported that the pair got into a physical altercation after one of Ortiz-Magro’s dogs died while in the care of Harley and then Harley showed up unannounced to where the Jersey Shore cast was filming season two of their revival show. The on-again, off-again couple have also continuously battled over their young daughter. “Ronnie and Jen have been fighting over their daughter. Ronnie has been filming the show in Vegas the last couple of days and Jen wouldn’t tell him where their daughter is. She showed up to the hotel where they were filming,” a source said. “Jen lunged, spit and shoved Ronnie. Hotel security got involved, who then called the Las Vegas police department.”

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