Did Beyonce Photoshop A Thigh Gap In Her Own Instagram Photo?

s_bukley / Shutterstock.comIs Photoshop the best or worst thing to ever happen to photographs? Definitely the worst. Now every photo is a “keeper.” Take the shot, open the program, grab this, shave a little of that, plump this, decrease that, lighten and even the skin tone, and voila: Welcome to false reality–the standard by which we all live by.

Twitter users and Instagram followers of Beyonce were quite disappointed when they saw a couple recent posts of the songstress playing golf while barefoot. There are those who would argue that the photos in a bikini, while barefoot on a golf course were a terrible idea to begin with. That’s debatable. Maybe she was showing off some clubs that were given as a gift, or she was on one of the luminous properties shared by she and Shawn Carter. Regardless, it does seem the images have been altered.

Have you seen them yet? You can check them out with some commentary in the video below. The most disturbing image is taken from an angle “en face,” or from the front. Within it, the gal we’ve come to know and love for her robust thighs and hips, doesn’t have any thighs, rather a thigh gap!?

We can all rest assured that when the Photoshopping was actually done, it wasn’t done by Beyonce. People like Beyonce have an army of people who handle their social media posts. And for some reason, people care–they care enough to comment one way or another… positive or negative.

Is nothing sacred anymore? Not even the natural state of Beyonce’s thighs? Check out the video and see for yourself!

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James Sheldon