Dean McDermott Goes Off On Haters Via Twitter

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Dean McDermott, who is known as the cheating husband of Tori Spelling, has had just about enough of all the hate he’s been receiving from people.

Dean’s life and relationship are on public display for everybody through his wife’s reality show, True Tori, so people are going to have their opinions, however when it is also revealed you’re a cheater, the hate comes on even stronger.

Just recently Dean started responding to the haters on Twitter, leading him to eventually announce he is done with social media.

In one particular instance, Dean responded to someone who called him a “scumbag” for being at an L.A. adult sex store while Tori was in the hospital.

He wrote back, “@TruthAndSarcasm I bought a gag gift to make her laugh. All you haters need to F–k OFF!! I’ve had it with you a-holes. GO F–K YOURSELVES,” and afterwards continued at the same user, “@TruthAndSarcasm who the F–K do you think you are? Any time any place pal. You hide behind your bulls–t twitter name. Show urself prick.”

Of course the user had to respond, “@imdeanmcdermott Lol, Instead of worrying about the prick behind the ‘Twitter’ Worry about the Prick in the mirror.”

Dean responded one more time, calling the user lame and a f–king coward and posting one last Tweet stating, “I’m done with this social media shit. To all my fans, you’re the best. Love you guys. Always will. To all the haters, you know how I feel.”

Well as the man who cheated on his first wife with Tori and has now cheated on her with someone else, it is highly doubtful Dean actually has many “fans”.

If the episodes of True Tori are in fact true, Dean should probably be worrying about his relationship with his current wife rather than Twitter users, but at least he got some frustration out.

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