Country Singer And Former ‘DWTS’ Contestant Chuck Wicks Recovering After Serious Car Accident

Source: Facebook

Country singer Chuck Wicks says he is “lucky” to be alive after a serious car accident which resulted in the 37-year-old suffering from a fracture to his skull and vertebrae.

The singer, who also competed with former girlfriend Julianne Hough on the eighth season of Dancing With the Stars, was with his America’s Morning Show co-hosts Ty Bentli and Kelly Ford and producer Glenn Johnson to appear as grand marshals for a Mardi Gras parade when the accident occurred.

Now, Wicks has taken to his Facebook to recount his “scary couple days. “First…Thank you to all of you who have reached out with your concerns messages text/calls prayers…you name it.. Thank you!! It’s been a scary couple days to say the least. We Ty, Kelly & Chuck, and our producer Glenn were traveling to Mardi Gras to be Grand Marshall in one of the parades,” he began. “While driving through a bad rain storm our car stuck a puddle and hydroplaned, causing it to roll twice into a ditch full of water. Talk about slow motion…it was [as] if the world literally stopped.”

He added that there were no other vehicles involved and at first he was shock but as more time went by his neck was getting “stiffer and stiffer.” Once at the hospital they had to cut his wet clothes off of him, and was sent for an immediate CAT scan and MRI. “When the Doctor looked at my results and said I was lucky to be walking and talking then I knew something wasn’t right. So here’s the Deal…I fractured my Skull and I also have a cervical vertebrae fracture in my C2 region. What does this mean? It means I’m lucky I’m alive and not paralyzed. Good news. I’m not. I will however be wearing a Neck Brace for about three months with a lot of discomfort for awhile.”

He concluded, “Listen… bottom line. It’s gonna take some time to recover. This isn’t a I’ll feel better in a week type of deal. But I’m extremely lucky. And I’m so glad that Ty Kelly and Glenn are ok. So be safe out there. Don’t take anything for granted. Again.. thank you to everyone who has called me. Texted me. or reached out via Social media.”

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