Britney Spears Has Hair Malfunction Mid-Performance

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Poor Britney! She may be the reigning Queen of Las Vegas, but not everything can go right all the time when you’re a star like Britney Spears who performs three nights a week for thousands of screaming fans.

Luckily for Spears, a hair malfunction is a lot easier to deal with than a wardrobe malfunction. In fact, she was so into putting on her show it’s hard to tell if she realized anything happened at all.

The pop star was on stage belting out a performance of her song “Do Something” when a huge clump of her hair extensions fell loose and dangled behind her before finally falling to the ground but Brit was working it so hard she just kept on going.

The minor on-stage malfunction is only a blimp in what has been an amazing comeback of Spears since beginning her Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood in December 2013, and it’s gone over so well she got signed for another two years for a whole lot of money.

“Whenever I do a show, I’m really keen on making it a show. I love to dance and perform. Because it’s Vegas I want to do something different. This is the perfect place to bring it to the next level,” she shared before her first Vegas show.

Not only has her professional life continued on an uphill swing these past few years, Spears can’t stop gushing about the success in her personal life with boyfriend Charlie Ebersol.

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Watch Britney’s Hair Malfunction Below!

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