Brad Pitt Slams Angelina Jolie In New Court Documents

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From the beginning, the divorce between Hollywood megastars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie has been anything but amicable, albeit a little one sided.

After months of Jolie accusing Pitt of having anger issues, drinking too much and harming their children, it seems Pitt has had enough and is ready to turn the tables on Jolie.

In a memorandum Pitt filed to have their divorce documents pertaining to custody sealed, the actor states that Jolie is having no problem jeopardizing their children’s privacy just to make Pitt seem like an awful parent. The documents state that the actress “appears to be determined to ignore even agreed upon standards relating to the children’s best interests,” and that she “exposed the children by making public the names of their therapists and other mental health professionals.” Pitt goes on to slam Jolie in the documents by adding that Jolie has “no self-regulating mechanism,” which would prevent the sensitive information from being released, and used evidence by pointing to Jolie’s re-release and re-filing of documents with that certain private information: “Although she had already made them public, she did it again.”

Pitt’s filing of the memorandum comes just a couple weeks after the 53-year-old requested for an emergency hearing to have all divorce documents sealed had been denied.

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