Ashton Kutcher Has Daddy Demands: More Changing Tables In Men’s Bathrooms

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New dad Ashton Kutcher cannot stop gushing about his five month-old daughter Wyatt and is adamant about being a hands on parent. Kutcher says he doesn’t want to miss a thing his daughter does; which means he has no problem having one-on-one daddy-daughter time.

There is one issue however that seems to cause a problem during that bonding time; not enough changing tables in men’s bathrooms.

After spending time out and about with Wyatt this past weekend, a fed-up Kutcher took to his Facebook page to air his grievances about insufficient amenities for dads on duty: “There are NEVER diaper changing stations in men’s public restrooms. The first public men’s room that I go into that has one gets a free shout out on my FB page! #BeTheChange.”

Kutcher previously talked to Ellen DeGeneres about how he and fiancée Mila Kunis do not want a nanny for their daughter even though they are both in-demand actors and can clearly afford one, as many of their A-list peers do.

“We just want to know our kid. We want to be the people who know what to do when the baby’s crying to make the baby not cry anymore. We want to know, like, when she makes a little face or something, we want to be emotionally in touch with her, and I think the only way to do that is being the one who’s there.”

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