Adam Levine Gracefully Handles Being Attacked Onstage By A Fan (WATCH)

Debby Wong /

Oh, Adam. He went a little pansy in the moment. Seriously, he did.

As Adam Levine sang one of his Maroon 5 jams to an adoring audience in Anaheim, a female fan made her way onto the stage, and got to Adam.

Naturally, the first question: Where the hell was security during this melee? They eventually made it to the stage, but really, there wasn’t enough security to keep the boldest of the bold from climbing off the floor to get to Adam. Kudos to the girl who had the brass for doing so. That’s right, girl, you’re the reason Adam Levine is so rich. It sure as heck isn’t the Proactiv endorsement.

As mentioned, Adam went a little pansy when he was accosted by the fan. Sure, it scared the crap out of him–the woman emerged from the darkness and kind of latched on like a kitten. But Adam began to push her away with a Marshawn Lynchesque stiff-arm, then realized it was in fact a woman in a black dress. So, he put his arm around her in a strange half hug as security pried them apart, and escorted the woman offstage.

Perhaps I’m being too critical of Adam. Perhaps he handled it the only way he could have. While some outlets are suggesting he handled it gracefully, I’d opt for the adverb “awkwardly.” The woman was a little aggressive, but had he immediately hugged her instead of giving her the stiff arm, it could have been over in two seconds, and he could have escorted her toward security.

Either way, it’s funny. And afterward, Adam, being the charming dude that he is, offered a comedic recall of what exactly happened from his perspective.

Check it out below.


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