Fame10 Co-Star Fashion Face-Off: Celebs Go Head to Head!

Some celebrity co-stars share more than just screen time; many of them share the same off-screen style as well. For this reason, we’ve pitted these on-screen co-stars against each other in a full-on, knock out fight for the title of favorite fashionista. From Kristen Stewart and Ashley Greene to Sophia Bush and Brittany Snow, we have some of the world’s hottest co-stars battling for the coveted title. Take a look and vote for your favorites below!

1. AnnaLynne McCord vs. Jessica Lowndes

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AnnaLynne and Jessica share the screen on the hit show 90210 but they both know how to rock the red carpet when the cameras stop rolling. Both ladies look stunning in these silver minis, but only one can win this fashion face-off.

2. Ashley Benson vs. Lucy Hale

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Ashley Benson and Lucy Hale star opposite each other on the hit show Pretty Little Liars but the co-stars are also self-proclaimed BBF’s in real life. They’re similar styles prove how much time they spend together off-screen as well. Both have been known to rock a white mini on the red carpet – which one do you think wears the style best?

3. Ashley Greene vs. Kristen Stewart

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Ashley and Kristen both starred in the hit movie series Twilight and have both donned sexy, floor-length gowns on the red carpet. Which brunette beauty do you think looks better in rouge?

4. Brittany Snow vs. Sophia Bush

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This dynamic duo costarred alongside one another in the movie John Tucker Must Die and have both become stylistas in their own right ever since. Both ladies worked the red carpet in light gold mini dresses with shoulder detailing but only one can take home the title of best dressed. Who is it?

5. Brooklyn Decker vs. Jennifer Aniston

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Brooklyn Decker and Jennifer Aniston battled it out for Adam Sandler’s heart in the hit movie Just Go With It. Jennifer ended up winning the on-screen battle for love but who takes home the award for best dressed in a long-sleeved sequined mini off-screen? We’ll leave that one up to you…

6. Heather Morris vs. Lea Michele

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Glee co-stars Heather Morris and Lea Michele have both become well-known for their daring fashion choices on the red carpet. It should come as no surprise that each actress has donned a classic black dress but Lea opted for a sexier vibe with sheer detailing. Which look do you prefer?

7. Kristin Cavallari vs. Lauren Conrad

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Kristin Cavallari and Lauren Conrad battled for the spotlight on Laguna Beach (and later on The Hills) and opted in more than a few style battles off-screen as well. Here, Kristin donned an emerald green, jeweled sweetheart dress on the red carpet while Lauren opted for a more casual dress in a slightly different hue. Who do you think is deserving of this fashion award?

8. Rashida Jones vs. Jenna Fischer 

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Rashida Jones and Jenna Fischer have spent plenty of time on-screen together in the hit show The Office but which one works it best on the red carpet? Both women have modeled a printed floor-length frock on the red carpet but only one can score the title of fashion face-off winner. Who’s it going to be?

9. Selena Gomez vs. Vanessa Hudgens

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Rumors have been swirling that this on-screen duo doesn’t exactly get along off-screen. What better way to pit Selena and Vanessa against each other than in the ultimate fashion face-off. Both girls showed off their slim figures in these sexy floor-length red gowns – the question is, who rocked the red carpet better?

10. Julianne Hough vs. Kristen Bell

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Julianne played the role of nice girl, Coco, in the hit movie Burlesque while Kristen played the snobby vixen. Off-screen, these two have both opted for similar style on the red carpet more than once. The blonde beauties each chose to show off their fiery side in red, with Julianne opting for a long-sleeved jumpsuit while Kristen donned a t-shirt mini with a leather bottom. Which look do you think is hotter?

Fame 10 Staff

Fame 10 Staff