Vote on People’s Most Beautiful Woman Each Year from 2000-2013


Each year, People Magazine releases their list of Most Beautiful Woman and, each year, there’s much controversy surrounding their decision. This year, for instance, Gwyneth Paltrow landed in the top spot. She also landed in the top spot for Star Magazine’s Most Hated Celebrities list. Nevertheless, the title of ‘Most Beautiful Woman Alive” is as prestigious as they come. Here are the 12 women who have had the honor of being named People’s Most Beautiful over the past 14 years (one lucky woman topped the list 3 times in the last 14 years – think you can guess who?):

2013: Gwyneth Paltrow


2012: Beyonce

2011: Jennifer Lopez

2010: Julia Roberts

2009: Christina Applegate

2008: Kate Hudson

2007: Drew Barrymore

2006: Angelina Jolie

2005: Julia Roberts

2004: Jennifer Aniston

2003: Halle Berry

2002: Nicole Kidman

2001: Catherine Zeta-Jones

2000: Julia Roberts