Fame10 Face-Off: Which Celeb Sibling Is Your Favorite?

When it comes to celebrity siblings, we all have our favorites. We may like something about all of them; however, one of them is always more relatable than the other – and therefore more likeable. We’ve been keeping a close eye on all of the celebrity siblings in Hollywood. Some of are definitely hungrier for the spotlight while their siblings just don’t care about playing the fame game. We’re really interested in knowing who you like more. All of the celeb siblings in our list below are beautiful and successful; however, only some of them are actually talented. Vote to let us know which celebrity siblings you like most!

7. Dakota Fanning vs. Elle Fanning

Dakota and Elle Fanning have both grown up in the movie business. Dakota was the first one in the family to get her foot in the door, so it’s easy to see that she really paved the way for her younger sister. These two both take their careers really seriously. They have been able to break that child actor curse, which actresses like Lindsay Lohan got lost in. Dakota and Elle are praised for both their talent and their fashion-forward ensembles, which is definitely something to be proud of.

Even though they look remarkably similar, Dakota and Elle are pretty different. When it comes to fashion, Elle is definitely more of the risk taker than her older sis. She seems to have spent many years living in her sister’s shadow. People have actually confused her for Dakota, so fashion seems to be a safe way for her to differentiate herself. Who do you like more: Dakota or her baby sis Elle?

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6. Rooney Mara vs. Kate Mara

Rooney Mara and her sister Kate are both really talented. While many young actresses like to be out and about soaking up all that the Hollywood social scene has to offer, these two prefer to stay out of it. They’d rather be known for their acting abilities than for partying the night away, which has really worked in their favor. They both have really successful careers; however, Rooney is definitely the movie star in the Mara family.

Neither Rooney nor Kate has come off as especially relatable. When they are out and about at events, they almost always look solemn, as though they are heading to a funeral. While both of them are almost always fashionably attired, we rarely see them smile. You’d think being this successful would make them happy; however, if it does, they don’t really show it. When it comes to Rooney and Kate, who do you think is more likeable?

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5. Mary-Kate Olsen vs. Ashley Olsen

For years, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen seemed as though they were the same person. They looked identical; they shared the same role on “Full House;” and they spent a considerable part of their careers playing twins in their own television, film and video projects. It really took until their late teens, as they were heading off for college, for us to see that they are in fact quite different.

In terms of their personalities, Mary-Kate is said to be more outgoing, whereas Ashley is more shy and introverted. They started dressing differently as well and changing their hairstyles in such a way so that they looked more like sisters. These two are both similar in that they both shun the spotlight. They would rather be known for the work they do professionally than for their social lives. Because they are so different, we want to know who you like more – Mary-Kate or Ashley?

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4. Jessica Simpson vs. Ashlee Simpson

Jessica and Ashlee Simpson have both been in the spotlight for years; however, Jessica was the first of the Simpson sisters to really gain recognition. Back in those days, Jessica was the singer and Ashlee was just one of her backup dancers. The younger Simpson sister had other plans though. She wanted to be a singer too so, when her older sister got her own reality TV show, Ashlee got one too. She used “The Ashlee Simpson Show” to help launch her singing career.

Ashlee now has a her own really solid fan base. Jessica is still, however, the bigger star. She really won support when she was starring on her own reality TV show “Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica,” which co-starred her husband-at-the-time Nick Lachey. She had the dumb blonde act down and people really related to her. The big question that we have about these two famous sisters is who do you like more: Jessica or Ashlee?

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3. Kourtney Kardashian vs. Kim Kardashian vs. Khloe Kardashian

Kourtney, Kim and Khloe are all so different. Out of all the sisters, Kourtney seems the most low-key. She prefers to stay out of the spotlight as much as possible. Kim, on the other hand, loves attention and she’s obviously wanted to be famous for most of her life. Khloe, in many ways, is the most relatable. She’s the black sheep in the family, so she can look at all of the drama more objectively and see things more for what they are than for what they appear to be.

Because these three sisters are so different, everyone likes one of them more than the other. Many gossip blogs have preferred Khloe for years; however, Kim still gets most of the attention. Kourtney is considered the hot one. She is curvy like her sisters, but much smaller and slimmer. When it comes to the Kardashians, who do you like most – Kourtney, Kim or Khloe?

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2. Paris Hilton vs. Nicky Hilton

Paris and Nicky Hilton both began to make names for themselves in the late ‘90s thanks to their underage club-hopping adventures. The main consensus then was that Nicky learned everything from her older sister and copied her every move. Over the years, this has definitely changed. The younger Hilton sister has grown to dislike the spotlight. While Paris has continuously sought it out, Nicky has chosen a career outside of it as a low-key fashion designer.

Because of Paris’ love of fame, her reputation has definitely suffered in many ways that Nicky’s hasn’t. Paris will always be tied to some of her big mistakes (like her sex tape) whereas Nicky has had a pretty clean slate because she turned things around when she was still really young. The one thing these two have in common is that they aren’t especially relatable. If you had to choose between Paris and Nicky, who would you say that you like more?

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1. Kendall Jenner vs. Kylie Jenner

When “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” was just getting started, Kendall and Kylie Jenner were super young and looked like twins. It was really hard to tell who was who. As they’ve grown, however, it has become much easier to differentiate between these two. Kendall is tall, skinny and introverted, whereas Kylie is slightly shorter and less willowy than her sister, but more outgoing. We really can’t mix these two up anymore – they are too different.

One of the big differences between Kendall and Kylie is how influenced they are by their older sisters. Kendall comes off as the most natural of the Jenner sisters. It doesn’t look like she has had any work done, whereas Kylie looks like a different person than she did a year ago. She seems to like plastic surgery almost as much as her older, half-sister Kim and she has no problem flaunting it. Who do you like more: Kendall or Kylie?

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