22 Most Memorable Met Gala Outfits From The Past

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Every year on the first Monday of May, the stars of Hollywood descend onto the Met Gala red carpet in some of the most extravagant outfits the world has ever seen. The event marks some of the most anticipated fashion moments of the year, and unlike the typical awards show fashion, the outfits at the Met Gala are quite experimental. Each year there is a different theme and celebrities will dress for that in the most extravagant ways. Naturally, this event has seen some of the most epic fashion moments in history, so we decided to take a trip down memory lane and reminisce on 20 of the most memorable celebrity ensembles from the Met Gala:

22. Ariana Grande — 2018

Ariana Grande’s look for the 2018 Met Gala looked straight out of a painting and matter of fact, it actually was! The look was designed by Vera Wang and was inspired by Michelangelo’s The Last Judgement, which is a painting inside the stunning Sistine Chapel. The event was Grande’s first time at the Met and she undeniably left a huge impression with this masterpiece of a dress!

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21. Blake Lively — 2018

Blake Lively sent shockwaves through Hollywood when she stepped out at the 2018 Met Gala in this ruby red gown. The Versace look featured regal gold embroidery throughout and trailed elegantly behind her as she ascended gracefully up the stairs. Lively always makes a huge statement with her Met Gala looks, but this particular one was by far her most dramatic.

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20. Gigi Hadid — 2017

Gigi Hadid pulled out all the stops with her 2017 Met Gala outfit! Hadid is the queen of street style and is often spotted on the streets of New York in the newest athleisure trend, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to dress up for a formal occasion either. Her look featured an asymmetrical, structured dress that was both feminine and sexy. One side featured a full skirt that draped gracefully behind her and the other showed off her leg in a thigh-high black fishnet.

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19. Katy Perry — 2016

Katy Perry definitely goes for the shock factor when it comes to her Met Gala outfits, and this look from 2016 was no different. The theme of the year was Fashion in an Age of Technology and Perry nailed it by rocking a black velvet Prada dress that featured an array of charms, belts, and gold detailing. Perry’s look definitely made a statement, but that’s exactly the goal for the Met Gala and is why this look is one of the most memorable of all time.

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18. Priyanka Chopra — 2017

Priyanka Chopra turned heads when she stepped onto the 2017 Met Gala red carpet wearing this trench coat-inspired dress. The look was designed by Ralph Lauren and featured a classic coat design but also consisted of avant-garde detailing with the long train and off-the-shoulder neckline. The creation was different from any red carpet dress we’d ever seen before, so this undeniably is one of the most memorable Met Gala looks of all time.

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17. Karlie Kloss — 2014

Karlie Kloss made jaws drop when she stepped onto the 2014 Met Gala red carpet wearing this black and gold number. The intricate garment was designed by Oscar De La Renta and was just the right amount of risky for the fashion event. Typically we wouldn’t be the biggest fans of black leather gloves, but they totally pull the whole outfit together when paired with this dress.

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16. Solange Knowles — 2016

Solange Knowles did not hold back at the 2016 Met Gala where she stepped out in this bold bright yellow garment designed by David Laport. The look was seriously fierce and featured latex leggings paired with a pleated and avant-garde shaped dress that fanned out in all directions. For any other event this look would be totally questionable, but in this context, it totally worked and remains one of the most iconic Met Gala dresses of all time.


15. Kendall Jenner — 2015

In 2015 Kendall Jenner was desperate to shed her little girl reputation and she definitely did so when she stepped onto the Met Gala red carpet wearing this memorable number. The model showed some skin with a Calvin Klein slinky dress that featured a gaping side that laced up her torso. The sparkling green was the perfect color choice to complement the olive undertones of her skin, which made this sexy Met Gala look one of the most memorable ever.

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14. Victoria Beckham — 2008

Victoria Beckham is Hollywood’s queen of fashion, so it’s no surprise that she easily landed herself in the list of all the most memorable Met Gala looks. In 2008, the former Spice Girl wore a sheer vintage number designed by Giorgio Armani for his autumn/winter 1989-90 collection. The look was the perfect balance of sexy and sophisticated and she showed skin in all the right places without going overboard. The cherry red lip she topped the look with also added the perfect pop of color.

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13. Kim Kardashian — 2016

In 2016, the Met Gala theme was Fashion in an Age of Technology and Kim Kardashian absolutely nailed the theme with her metallic structured number. For Kim, this look was relatively modest and featured a simple leg slit to contrast against the long sleeves and heavy bodice detailing. The look was arguably one of Kim Kardashian’s most iconic ever, so there are no doubts this is one of the Met Gala’s most memorable outfits too.


12. Zendaya — 2017

Zendaya has landed herself right up beside Rihanna and Victoria Beckham when it comes to cutting-edge fashion and her Met Gala look from 2017 definitely proves that. The star stepped out wearing a Dolce & Gabbana dress that featured a tropical parrot print in bright citrus shades. The look seemed to somewhat reject the avant-garde Comme des Garcons theme, which made Zendaya’s glamorous look stand out even more. Aside from the dress, we also love her beauty decisions to leave her hair curly and voluminous and to top her outfit with a pop of coral on her lips.

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11. Amal Clooney — 2015

No one could possibly forget when George and Amal Clooney made their Met Gala debut in 2015. Amal wore a scarlet red, tiered John Galliano number that featured a sequin-embellished bodice. The look turned heads for all the right reasons and shot her name to the top of the list of Hollywood style icons to watch. The look was the perfect balance of A-list glamour with an avant-garde twist, which is exactly why this outfit is fondly remembered as one of the Met Gala’s best ever.

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10. Taylor Swift — 2016

Taylor Swift has been through quite a few phases when it comes to her fashion, but her look from the 2016 Met Gala confirmed that she was no longer the country belle many seemed to categorize her as. The theme of the evening was Fashion in the Age of Technology and her metallic dress seemed to exude exactly that. She topped the silver technology-inspired look with her hair styled in a platinum bob, a pop of oxblood on her lips and a pair of knee-high lace-up stilettos.

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9. Anne Hathaway — 2010

Anne Hathaway absolutely dazzled on the 2010 Met Gala red carpet where she stepped out wearing this champagne colored Valentino gown. In any other setting this glittering look may come across a little too fairytale-inspired, but for the Met Gala, it worked perfectly to make a statement. Hathaway rarely opts for full sequins, so this fashion moment is definitely one of her most memorable.

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8. Sandra Bullock — 2007

Sandra Bullock has had both huge wins and misses when it comes to red carpet attire, but we’re happy to say her look from the 2007 Met Gala was absolutely stunning. The sleek magenta number featured a dramatic spiral design that flourished from her hip and was totally flattering. She topped the pleated Alberta Ferretti garment with a matching deep pink lip which was a flawless choice to highlight the olive undertones of her complexion.

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7. Beyonce — 2016

Beyonce is a Met Gala all-star and is arguably the most anticipated guest in attendance. She always steps out in an outfit that is out of the box and little risky, which is also exactly why they are memorable! This particular look from the 2016 Met Gala featured a body-hugging latex material with puff sleeves and colorful pearls throughout. A look like this would seem quite bizarre for anyone else and on any other occasion, but Beyonce looked like the Queen she is and looked fiercer than ever.


6. Cameron Diaz — 2007

There were definitely mixed opinions when Cameron Diaz stepped out in this fuchsia dress at the 2007 Met Gala, but we personally think it was one of her best red carpet moments ever. The color compliments her complexion and beach blonde locks flawlessly and the tiered skirt was a well-rewarded fashion risk for the experimental fashion event. Although we love the dress itself, her decision to pair it with turquoise jewelry added a unique twist we weren’t expecting, which is why this look is even more memorable.

5. Jennifer Lopez — 2015

Jennifer Lopez always slays the Met Gala red carpet, but one of our favorite looks of hers from the fashion event is this red and nude number from the 2015 Met Gala. The theme of the evening was Through the Looking Glass, which meant quite a few celebrities stepped out in some pretty scantily clad outfits. Lopez’s look, however, was arguably the most memorable due to its unique swirling red design that was strategically placed on the dress and the body-hugging shape which seriously flaunted her figure.

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4. Blake Lively — 2017

Blake Lively is an all-star fashionista when it comes to the Met Gala, but one of our favorite looks of hers was this golden number from 2017. The sheer number seemed to be straight out of Serena Van Der Woodsen’s playbook and featured a plunging neckline, glitzy metallic detailing, and a full cobalt blue feathered skirt. Although gold has been one of Lively’s go-to red carpet colors, the unique blue skirt detailing truly made this look stand out as one of the Met Gala’s most memorable.

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3. Claire Danes — 2016

Claire Danes shocked everyone when she stepped out at the Met Gala wearing this Cinderella-inspired Zac Posen number. The show-stopping entrance featured a one-of-a-kind powder blue dress that had a unique feature — the skirt was actually laced with twinkling lights which allowed the entire dress to light up. The red carpet had never seen anything like it before, which landed this Zac Posen number as one of the most iconic of all time.

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2. Zoe Saldana — 2016

Zoe Saldana’s gown from the 2016 Met Gala might be one of the most dramatic the red carpet has ever seen! The black Dolce & Gabbana dress featured a full train which flourished out into a multicolor sea of feathers behind her. The intricacy and attention to detail put into this garment is absolutely mind-blowing and it’s easy to say that Saldana undeniably stole the show at the 2016 Met Gala.

Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, USA.

1. Rihanna — 2015

Rihanna is known for her grand entrances on the red carpet, but her look from the 2015 Met Gala has got to be one of her most dramatic ever. Her look featured a canary yellow, fur-trimmed cape that was embroidered with silver detailing throughout. The dramatic number featured one of the longest and most extravagant skirts that the Met Gala, or any red carpet event for that matter, has ever seen! Among a sea of safe red and black garments, Rihanna undeniably stole the show in 2015.

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