Celebrity Fitness Secrets For Staying In Shape

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So many of us wish that we could look like celebrities. They are beautiful and almost always in tip-top shape. It turns out that it isn’t so hard to replicate what they do to get their fit physiques. Follow along for 12 celebrity fitness secrets for how they stay in amazing shape:

12. Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco keeps her abs super toned with yoga. “It took years for me to figure out what my body needs and that what works for my friends doesn’t necessarily work for me. Doing yoga five times a week has transformed my body. I love being toned and having muscle; it’s so sexy and beautiful. And I owe it 100 percent to yoga,” she told Shape. “I go to a place called CorePower Yoga. One morning I’ll take the Hot Power Fusion class, which is an amazing calorie burner. Or I’ll take a Yoga Sculpt class, where we wear three-pound weights during yoga moves. The sculpt classes include 20 seconds of mountain climbing or jumping jacks between the poses, so I get cardio, too.”

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11. Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow is in amazing shape and credits that to the Tracy Anderson Method. She works out five days a week for up to two hours at a time! She does Anderson’s aerobics classes, which involves cardio and dance. According to Paltrow, using the Tracy Anderson Method has totally changed her body. She used to have a long and square butt, but not anymore. With the Tracy Anderson Method, anyone can transform their posterior and you can see results in about 10 days!

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10. Sofia Vergara

The Modern Family star has one of the most coveted figures in Hollywood. According to her personal trainer Gunnar Peterson, the way that she gets her hourglass physique is with squats and lunges with an upper component like a wood chop or a lateral raise or a front raise. These combinations help Vergara to accentuate her small waist.

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9. Kourtney Kardashian

Since having her third child, Reign, Kourtney Kardashian looks like she is in the best shape of her life. She’s slim, but she’s toned, and she credits this to her daily exercise regime. She tries to hit the gym six times a week and tries to switch up her exercise routine regularly so that her body doesn’t get used to it. One thing that she doesn’t switch up is the 100 squats she does every day before she gets in the shower.

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8. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has always been in incredible shape and, even though she’s close to 50, she still looks amazing. Her secret is daily exercise. Four to five times a week, she does the Tracy Anderson Method and she also works out with celebrity trainers Gunmar Peterson and David Kirsch doing strength training with weights (i.e. lunges and hip lifts).

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7. Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough has always been in great shape. She revealed to Shape magazine that she keeps her body toned and strong with regular exercise. “I exercise three to six times a week, but usually I do five days of hard-core training,” she said. “On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I do Tracy Anderson or Body by Simone or I work out with my trainer, Astrid Swan. Tuesdays and Thursdays, I do Core Power Yoga, which I love.” She also attends SoulCycle class, goes on hikes and takes yoga classes.

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6. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s weight has yoyoed over the years, but not anymore. She’s looking better than ever and this all thanks to her personal trainer, Melissa Alcantara, who comes to her house six days a week at 6 a.m. Each day they focus on specific parts of her body — shoulders, biceps/triceps, and chest/back, as well as three days devoted to legs. They also do cardio in either short bursts of high intensity or low-intensity walks.

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5. Jennifer Aniston

There’s a reason that Jennifer Aniston has been chosen as People Magazine’s World’s Most Beautiful Woman – she’s totally gorgeous and always has been. To keep herself in shape, she does a few things. She attends spin-yoga classes three days a week and then does weight training exercises at home. “I usually do a trifecta. Fifteen minutes on the bike, 15 on the treadmill running, and then 15 on the elliptical. You have to shake it up, you know, muscle confusion,” she said.

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4. Beyonce

Beyonce is always ridiculously busy, but she makes sure to make time for her fitness routine. To keep her killer figure, she uses her fitness trainer Marco Borges’ Power Move Philosophy. One of the benefits of this is that it helps to save time because it relies on exercises that simultaneously work several muscle groups. She also does interval training, alternating between sprinting and running while on a treadmill; this way she burns more calories in a shorter amount of time.

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3. Kate Hudson

It’s hard not to envy Kate Hudson’s body – she’s always been in remarkable shape. To stay in shape, she does a wide variety of exercises, including the Tracy Anderson Method and Body by Simone, but her favorite type of exercise which she believes is key to her staying fit is Pilates. “I was 19 when I discovered Pilates, and I’m still doing it. It’s the workout my body really responds to. It’s all about alignment, elongating your spine, and strengthening your core. It makes me feel my strongest. Pilates is always challenging. The advanced moves are amazing, but so hard. I also love TRX because it’s similar to Pilates in that you use your own body weight. But for me, Pilates is the best,” she told Shape magazine.

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2. Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid has become so lean in the last couple of years and this is all thanks to boxing. She boxes every day and it has transformed her body giving her washboard abs. According to Hadid, boxing is addictive. “When you’re boxing, you get so into it mentally that you kind of forget what’s going on, you forget that you’re working out,” she told Vogue. “You always want more.”

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1. Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel is known for her sculpted physique and she definitely works for it! According to her personal trainer Jason Walsh, she achieves this look by doing “lots of band work to strengthen the muscles around the hips,” as well as “any and every type of single-leg exercise you can think of.” This means she does many single-leg deadlifts, single-leg hip thrusts and single-leg squats. She also does lots of push-ups, which is how she gets her sculpted arms.

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