Taylor Swift Is Ditching Country Music

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

Taylor Swift is releasing a new album — and she’s said goodbye to country music.

The video for her infectious single “Shake it Off” hit the internet yesterday, and it bears little resemblance to her country, folksy songs.

On Good Morning America, the 24 year-old singer says that “Shake It Off” was intended to be the “song at the end of a wedding” that gets everybody back to the dance floor, even if they’re tired.

Taylor also talked about her new album in a Yahoo Live chat with fans. “As a songwriter and as a person, I tend to just be open to inspiration, whether I’m walking down the street in New York and see someone wearing something cool, I’m affected in some way,” she said. Check out the video to hear Taylor’s new music!

“The same way that you have to be open to new emotions and painful emotions and let those things in to your songwriting. You’re self experimenting and becoming comfortable and trying things out that you weren’t comfortable with before,” Taylor said of the album’s pop sound. She also said that the album, which will be released October 27th, is her “very first documented, official pop album.”

But does “Shake it Off” mean that Taylor has abandoned country music? “Taylor Swift Officially Leaves Country Music,” one blog announced dramatically.

Taylor’s only 24 — it’s not over yet! In the meantime, we should embrace the pop and start dancing!


Amanda Young