Leah Remini Takes Aim At JLo’s Pool Style In Hilarious Video

Actress LEAH REMINI took aim at best pal JENNIFER LOPEZ’s pool fashion at the weekend by posting a hilarious video of the two friends lounging in the sun on social media.

The two women are currently vacationing together and just days after Lopez caught Remini singing along to the radio on film and posted it online, the TV star got the singer back by poking fan at her sunbathing style.

The footage begins with “normal” Remini, wearing a baseball cap, stating, “So Jen asked me to meet her by the pool, right? Here’s me…”

She then turned the camera on Lopez and added, “Look at this one – head wrap, jewellery. Can you be ugly once? Just be normal once.”

The two pals then giggled and grappled as the former King of Queens star lost control of her camera phone.

Check Out The Hilarious Video Below:

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