Lamar Odom Update: 9 More Shocking Developments

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Although Lamar Odom is said to be making progress since he was found unconscious at the Love Ranch, his situation is still rather precarious. Every time we hear some good news, it’s usually followed by some not so good news. We’re all hoping and praying for the best, but we know it’s still too soon to know the extent of the damage to Lamar’s body and brain. Here are 9 of the most recent Lamar updates:

9. Called Off Divorce

Khloe Kardahian and Lamar called off their nearly finalized divorce. He reportedly convinced her to do this for him by promising her that he would never do drugs again. While this may have played a part in Khloe’s decision, Lamar is rumored to still be on the Kardashian health insurance policy. His medical bills will probably cost millions of dollars and he can’t handle it on his own.

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8. A Dozen Strokes

Doctors discovered that Lamar suffered 12 strokes after they performed a series of brain scans. Although they haven’t affected his vital organs, they have affected his motor skills, which means he’s going to need extensive physical therapy. Doctors are still unsure how much of his motor and speech skills can be restored.

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7. Two Surgeries

Last week, Lamar underwent two emergency surgeries. Although it is unclear what the two operations were for, TMZ has reported that they were for chest issues. Radar Online has reported that Lamar has been suffering from pneumonia. He’s no longer allowed to have any visitors besides Khloe until his health improves.

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6. Responsive But Slow

Sources told People that Lamar is “responsive, but very slow.” “He can carry out simple directions, but it takes some time for him to do it,” the source said. “He has wrecked his body, so it’ll take time to figure out how well he can come back. But everyone knows that he’ll never be the same as he was before this happened. There will always be lasting effects, and doctors are just trying to minimize them.”

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5. Kidney Failure

A source told People that Lamar’s kidneys are still not functioning correctly, so he’s still on dialysis. Another source told Us Weekly that Lamar is still on dialysis and is definitely in need of a kidney transplant because he’s been suffering from major kidney failure.

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4. Rob (Allegedly) Wants to Donate One of His Kidneys

Rob Kardashian reportedly offered to donate one of his kidneys to his estranged brother in law; however it is unclear whether they would be compatible for a kidney transplant.

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3. Damaged Lungs

Since his bout of pneumonia, Lamar may have suffered yet another setback – doctors are now worried that he might have permanent scarring on his lungs.

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2. Fragile Emotional State

After undergoing two emergency surgeries in one day last week, Lamar is reportedly in a “fragile emotional state.” Sources say that he’s emotional and very upset at times.

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1. Tested Positive for Cocaine

The Las Vegas police gave a blood test to Lamar Odom after he was found unconscious at the Love Ranch and it has come back positive for cocaine. According to TMZ, they have said that they planned to charge Lamar if he tested positive.

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