Backstreet Boys: How Much Are They Worth Now?

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It has been 22 years since the Backstreet Boys formed in Orlanda, Florida and essentially changed the face of pop music with their incredible success as a boy-band. Over the years the band has released eight albums, released their own documentary and have become not only the best-selling boy band in history, but also one of the world’s best selling artists ever. Their success began in Europe before it translated to the North American, and before long they were at the top of the music world, pulling in massive amounts through tours, merchandise, appearances and of course their top-selling albums. After a hiatus, the Backstreet Boys are back together and still working on music. Given their ongoing popularity, it seemed about time to check out just how much each member is worth after more than two decades in the business.

5. Nick Carter

Estimated Net Worth: $35 Million. Unlike NSYNC, not a single member went off to have the success Justin Timberlake did from his boy band, but perhaps the most well known Backstreet Boy member is Nick Carter. Surprisingly, Carter has the lowest net worth amount, but he certainly isn’t hurting with $35 million to his name. Aside from money made as part of the band, he also embarked on his own solo career, which didn’t fare as well. He also took on acting roles, appearing on several TV shows, as well as his own reality shows including The Carters and I Heart Nick Carter and, of course, made himself known again by competing on Season 21 of Dancing With the Stars.

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4. Kevin Richardson 

Estimated Net Worth: $40 Million. Thanks to his time with the Backstreet Boys, Kevin Richardson has earned himself an impressive net worth of $40 million. In 2006, Richardson left the group to pursue his own career; however, he kept making appearances with the group before permanently rejoining in 2012. He also took on modeling jobs and acting roles, appearing on multiple shows, TV movies and on Broadway, all adding to his already large bank account from his boy-band days.

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3. Brian Littrell

Estimated Net Worth: $40 Million. When Kevin Richardson heard the group’s manager was looking for one more to make the group a quintet, he called up his cousin Brian Littrell, who instantly joined the band and officially formed the Backstreet Boys. Littrell not only had major success as part of the group, but also enjoyed success when he recorded Christian music for his solo career. He topped charts with his singles and won a GMA Dove Award, adding up to a very respectable net worth of $40 million.

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2. Howie Dorough

Estimated Net Worth: $45 Million. Howie Dorough also embarked on a solo career when on hiatus with the Backstreet Boys, but he also ventured into business elsewhere, leading to a net worth of $45 million. Along with his brother Dorough, he founded a company which specializes in real estate development, not to mention he has also founded his own charity , the Dorough Lupus Foundation, following the death of his sister and is also a CEO of Howiedoit productions.

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1. A.J. McLean

Estimated Net Worth: $45 Million. Before he was a member of the world’s biggest boy band, A.J. McLean got his start in acting in the 1986 movie Truth or Dare and continued acting before finding himself in the Backstreet Boys, which earned him most of his $45 million net worth. He had his own career and worked with other artists such as OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder and NSYNC’s JC Chasez. He also created the JNN Foundation, which raises money for diabetes research and other causes, and in 2015, launched his line of Skulleeroz Vapor with the increase in popularity of E-cigarettes.

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