8 Young Celebrities Who Love Plastic Surgery

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It’s hard to imagine anyone not feeling the pressure to meet certain (ridiculous? super high? unattainable?) beauty standards and the intensity of that pressure multiplies a hundred-fold when you’re in the public eye every time you step outside of your door. That’s why it’s understandable (if not relatable) for actors to do whatever they can to improve their outer looks and that includes plastic surgery. And it’s no longer something reserved for older performers who want to get their youthful appearances back or those born with unfortunately large noses, it’s now also the domain of younger celebrities. And they’re not just getting a little touch up, some young celebrities are taking advantage of plastic surgery to create an entirely new look for themselves. Check out these 8 young celebrities who love plastic surgery.

8. Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag was undeniably pretty when she first came into the public eye, but her looks apparently weren’t good enough for the young star who shocked the world when she underwent a dramatic transformation at just 23 years old. Her transformation wasn’t at all subtle or reasonably paced. Instead Heidi opted to undergo 10 surgeries in one day. 10 SURGERIES IN ONE DAY! Yowza. Her full-body metamorphosis included having new breast implants put in, liposuction on both her stomach and thighs, a brow lift, and a nose “revision.” Although she appeared to be pleased by the outcome, she now has a bit of a different take on things – at least for anyone else pondering a one-day total plastic-surgery fueled morphing. “I lived and I learned — and I wouldn’t really recommend it for other people.”

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7. Farrah Abraham

“I want to look my best. And I’m looking amazing.” If you’re going to spend almost $30,000 on plastic surgery hopefully you’ll have the same sentiment as Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham. After banking some money from her new-found fame, she went to work on her body and reportedly has had a nose job, chin implant, and not one, but two breast surgeries to take her up to a C cup and then to a D just after her 22nd birthday. All of her surgeries came within three years of each other and, considering how pleased she it with the overall outcome, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear about future surgeries for the pseudo-star.

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6. Megan Fox

Megan Fox may not be well known now for her plastic surgery undertakings, but if you look back at pictures of her through the years it becomes obvious that she’s had more than just a little work done. It looks like she had quite a bit, in fact. Reports say that the Transformers actress has spent over $60,000 on plastic surgery for her face alone. If you compare before and after (and everything that came in between) pictures you’ll notice that Megan was just as lovely before her surgery, but she was obviously chasing a certain striking look.

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5. Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes has made more headlines for her wild and unusual behaviour in recent years than she has for anything else, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t a lover of plastic surgery. Amanda has admitted to having multiple nose jobs to try to get closer to the look she wants and to get rid of webbing between her eyes and nose that she found unseemly. You may not have noticed this under all of the wild wigs and kooky attitude and no one would blame you for that one bit.

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4. Lil Kim

With Lil Kim’s bold, fierce, and fabulous reputation, it’s hard to imagine her thinking negatively about any part of herself and that includes her body. Frankly, you’d think she’d be ferociously flaunting what God gave her. But over the years, Lil Kim has undergone quite the transformation through multiple plastic surgeries. Reported to include breast implants and cheek implants, liposuction, and even skin lightening, she is looking less and less like the Lil Kim we remember with all of the intense body work.

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3. Tara Reid

When Tara Reid came onto the scene in the popular American Pie movies, she was the blond girl-next door with the awesome body that made fans crush hard. But despite the fact that audiences seemed to love her just the way she was, the actress wasn’t as happy with herself as others were. She decided to get breast implants and undergo liposuction in the hopes of furthering her fine form. Unfortunately, the surgeries ended up being major fails. Bad scarring and lumpy results left her incredibly unhappy and the tabloids were less than kind. In fact, they were downright brutal. She’s since had further surgeries to correct what was done and hasn’t ruled out the possibility of even more in the future.

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2. Ashlee Simpson

When Ashlee Simpson decided to step out from big sister Jessica Simpson’s shadow, she had an adorable look that was all her own. Unfortunately, Ashlee didn’t see the beauty in the bump on her nose that gave her a distinctive and lovely look. When she had the bump removed, fans were shocked by the transformation and it became another example of how “perfect” isn’t always better (for more on this see Jennifer Grey’s infamous near-career-killing nose job). But Ashlee wasn’t done there. She has also apparently undergone surgery for chin implants, dermal fillers, lip pumping, Botox, and a brow lift. The result is that she’s quite beautiful…but looks like everyone else in Hollywood and she’s lost all of the aspects that made her unique, and unique is what really stands out and catches people’s attention, which is probably one of the reasons no one has heard much about Ashlee recently.

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1. Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner and her lips are undoubtedly the most notorious subject right now when it comes to young celebrities and plastic surgery. Once arguably thin-lipped (but 100% fine and lovely), the young reality star has recently been pump, pump, pumping up her lips to extreme measures. Regularly posing in pics proudly pouting with her ever-increasing lips, she even sparked an online fad in teens who attempted to engorge their own lips through an ill-guided process including a shot glass and a heck of a lot of suction leaving scores of young adults looking like they’re mouths were about to burst at any second. Thankfully, that fad seemed to deflate quickly, but Kylie’s plump lips are still going strong.

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