10 TV Love Triangles That Got Old Fast

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In the world of television, there have been numerous love triangles over the years. While some of these triangles made us wish that we had a couple of people vying for our affection, there are many others that totally outstayed their welcome and ended up rubbing us the wrong way. Here is a list of 10 love triangles that got old really fast:

10. Meredith, Nathan and Maggie – Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy’s latest love triangle – which includes Meredith, Nathan and Maggie – is definitely one of the worst. It’s just so unnecessary. Meredith and Nathan had been secretly hooking up when Meredith’s half-sister, out of nowhere, announces that she has feelings for him. Little does Maggie know, but Nathan likes Meredith! This situation is pretty juvenile.

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9. Matty, Jenna and Jake – Awkward

Awkward was a clever show and for many fans it really captured how uncomfortable it is to be a teenager. During season one, Jenna and her longtime crush Matty make numerous attempts to get together, but because of his insecurities, it just didn’t work out. Then his friend Jake developed for feelings for Jenna and we ended up with a love triangle (that eventually became a square cause it involved her best friend Tamara) that lasted for three seasons. There was so much that they could have done better with this show and the love triangle is just the tip of the iceberg.

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8. Peyton, Lucas and Brooke – One Tree Hills

It was always obvious that Peyton and Lucas were meant to be together, but the writers seemed to enjoy torturing the audience by toying with the possibility that Brooke and Lucas might make it as a couple. There were definitely moments where it seemed that Brooke might be the one for Lucas, but he and Peyton could never really shake their feelings for each other, which always interfered with his and Brooke’s relationship. The love triangle really should have ended during season one, but instead it went on for a few seasons too many.

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7. Peter, Alicia and Will – The Good Wife

Will and Alicia had a history that predated her relationship with her husband, Peter, but the way Alicia fantasized about Will even after his death, one would think that they were the ones that had been married 20 plus years. Even before Alicia and Will started their relationship up again and even after he died, it was like she didn’t want to move on. We know Peter did some terrible things, but she chose not to divorce him and instead had a long-term emotional affair with a dead guy. It was pretty weird and not at all romantic.

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6. Meredith, Derek and Addison – Grey’s Anatomy

Meredith seems to find herself in a lot of love triangles! Before her current love triangle, she was involved in another one with Derek and his estranged wife, Addison. This was probably the most tortured love triangle on the series. There was obvious chemistry between Derek and Meredith, but he didn’t seem to want to leave his wife. He did eventually, but it took almost three seasons! Talk about it dragging it out!

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5. Brenda, Dylan and Kelly – Beverly Hills, 90210

Brenda, Dylan and Kelly had quite the love triangle going back in the ‘90s. It began when Brenda went away to Paris for the summer and her best friend Kelly decided to start hooking up with her boyfriend Dylan. The love triangle may have boosted the show’s popularity, but it got old fast. Even after Brenda left, another love triangle developed between Brandon, Kelly and Dylan. Beverly Hills, 90210 certainly loved its love triangles!

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4. Jason, Lyla and Tim – Friday Night Lights

Jason and Lyla may have looked like the perfect couple, but their relationship was anything but perfect. When she started hooking up with Tim behind Jason’s back, people were conflicted. On the one hand, it was a crappy thing to do to your wheelchair-bound boyfriend, but on other hand, Lyla and Tim’s chemistry was undeniable. Unfortunately, the love triangle lasted a season too long and then it took another season for the writers to finally get Lyla and Tim together. What a waste of time.

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3. Luke, Lorelai and Christopher

On Gilmore Girls, the love triangle between Luke, Lorelai and Christopher was pretty annoying. It took so long for her to finally get with Luke, and then when Christopher was thrown in the mix to complicate things, what viewers ended up with was a lot of frustration. Lorelai should have stayed with Luke and she should never have married Christopher. The love triangle created unnecessary drama and kept Lorelai and Luke apart, which is not what fans wanted.

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2. Damon, Elena and Stefan – Vampire Diaries

In Vampire Diaries, Elena was torn between two brothers, Stefan (the good one) and Damon (the bad one). While this might sound hot in theory, on the show the love triangle was really drawn out – too drawn out in fact. Despite her obvious attraction to Damon and the fact that they were obviously meant to be together, it took until season four for her to finally choose him! Elena could have made this decision a lot earlier and saved us a lot of time.

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1. Dawson, Joey and Pacey – Dawson’s Creek

Dawson, Joey and Pacey spent a good chunk of the show embroiled in a passionate love triangle, but anyone who watched the show knows that it was always supposed to be Pacey and Joey – not Joey and Dawson. One of the most annoying things about Joey and Dawson was how tortured and frustrated their attempts at romance were. They could never really make it work – even their one night stand was dysfunctional! But with Pacey and Joey on the other hand, they had a way more stable relationship and way better chemistry. Dawson never stood a chance!

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