7 Things You Didn’t Know About DWTS Pro Cheryl Burke

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Cheryl Burke is one of the few Dancing with the Stars pros who has been around since the show’s second season. So far, she’s participated in about 18 seasons of the show, has won the coveted Mirror Ball trophy twice, has opened her own dance studio (which closed in 2015) and has her own line of active wear. Even though she’s been around in the professional dancing world for over a decade now, she’s still a bit of an enigma, but we’re trying to rectify that. Here are 7 things you didn’t know about Cheryl Burke:

7. A Quiet Child

As a child, the Dancing with the Stars pro never talked and her mother briefly worried that she was deaf; however, doctors concluded that she wasn’t speaking because the various languages that were being spoken in her house confused her. While English was spoken in her household, Cheryl had a Filipino nanny called Ima who spoke Tagalog to her.

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6. Bullied

As a child, Burke was bullied. Other kids called her “monkey” because she had darker skin and big lips. Since she’s become famous, the bullying hasn’t stopped. When she first appeared on Dancing with the Stars, she was criticized for being too curvy and when she lost 25 pounds in 2014 she was criticized for being too thin after she posted a picture of herself vacationing in Los Cabo. “People are saying ‘What have you done to your face?’, ‘You look disgusting, you look like you’re dying,’” she said.