Timberlake And Swift’s Hilarious Moment At iHeartRadio Awards

carrie-nelson / Shutterstock.com

When anyone ribs Kanye West, it’s a good joke.

Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift were seated at a star-studded table at the 2015 iHeartRadio Awards. When Taylor won the award for Best Music Video, the real fun began.

It was impossible to miss the smiling Ryan Seacrest as Justin and Taylor played “reversal of fortune.” Justin stood up, acting like he had won the award, and celebrated with Taylor, before going to the stage. Well… toward the stage. He then relented, and the audience ate it up like ice cream and cobbler on the Fourth of July.

As we’re all aware, Taylor had once fallen victim to Kanye after winning for best video in the past, and Taylor is also prone to overreacting when she wins impressive awards. So, Justin combined the two, and did what he does best. Bottom line, whether or not you’re a fan of Taylor, you have to appreciate the sincerity and the eternal fountain of hope that flows from this girl. It’s saccharine sweet and completely sincere.

Justin seemed the perfect playmate for the joke, as he’s a total ham when an audience is gathered, and the duo played well off one another. And yes, the two did plan the whole thing before Taylor’s name was announced.

Being that it was one of those award shows that nobody really watches outside of the industry, or only the most hardcore of fans, it was no surprise that the moment went viral as soon as word got out. And yes, it also sparked a number of accompaniment memes, as is all the rage these days.

To see the moment for yourself, check out the video below.


James Sheldon