The Simpsons Will Explain How They’ve Predicted Future World Events In Upcoming Episode

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The Simpsons has predicted several world events throughout its run, and it seems that the producers are finally letting fans in on their secret.

The show’s executive producer and showrunner, Matt Selmon, shared opened up about The Simpson‘s season 34 premiere next month with Deadline. During the interview, Selman opened up about how viewers will finally discover how the show managed to accurately predict future world events.

“We have another crazy conceptual episode that explains how The Simpsons know the future. It’s a conceptual episode with lots of crazy stuff in it, but it does an explanation of how The Simpsons can predict the future,” explained Selman.

“I’m very excited about Season 34,” he continued. “You can’t just rest on your laurels. You have to be pushing yourself and challenging yourself and making sure every episode is distinct and emotional and visual and compelling and scary and cinematic. So we do that on like 85 percent of them. That’s pretty good. I always thought a B+ was a good grade.”

Selman also opened up about how he keeps the show feeling fresh even after 34 seasons. “Luckily the world keeps delivering things that need reflecting on in the Springfield mirror. So that’s a thank-you to the world, but also the world needs to do better,” he explained.

“I don’t have any problem with repeating an emotional dynamic. There’s only so many emotional dynamics, like we have a table read where Lisa and Marge have a fight about a charity they co-founded, but Lisa and Marge have had plenty of fights before.”

Selman added, “You can’t cross off emotional family storytelling just because you’ve told those emotional family stories before. But you have to have something new to say about the outside world or a new facet of the relationship to explore that’s more specific and more interesting.”

The Simpsons season 34 premieres Sept. 25 at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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