Soap Opera Spoilers For Monday, October 4, 2021

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There won’t be any dull moments this week on The Young and the Restless, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital and The Bold and the Beautiful! Find out what will happen with our spoilers for October 4, 2021:

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Y&R Spoilers for October 4, 2021

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Ashland will ask Nick to keep a secret. Now hang on a minute, is Ashland asking Nick to keep last week’s secret on the down-low? Or is he asking Nick to keep yet another, newer secret from the bride-to-be? Normally, we’d say that Nick wouldn’t agree to either, but then again, he did just get disinvited from Vicky’s wedding for meddling in her life…

Amanda will do something that gets Devon’s attention, which is a good idea, because right now his full attention is on Dominic… and Abby.

Sally will get annoyed with Adam as she defends her scheme to make Newman Media the talk of the town. Will Adam support her vision?

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DOOL Spoilers for October 4, 2021

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Poor Doug will do everything he can to keep Marlena, and the Devil possessing her, from harming Julie. But how will he protect his wife from such a powerful demon?

Abe is planning a giant romantic gesture for Paulina, and he’ll even get Chanel’s help in preparing it. Meanwhile, Paulina is having a conversation with Lani about the old days.

How would Sami feel about EJ and Nicole going out on a date? That just might be the motivation for both parties… Or, this could be the beginning of a new super couple!

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GH Spoilers for October 4, 2021

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Carly has a theory as to why Nina kept Sonny’s existence a secret, and needless to say, it isn’t complimentary! But how will Sonny feel about this?

Nikolas will be shocked and disappointed in Spencer today, while Esme will be enjoying some serious relaxing at the Savoy. Hmm, could this confluence of events indicate that Spencer is about to take full ownership for being Ava’s stalker?

Drew Cain is bound to get back to Port Charles in the coming weeks, so the timing is perfect for Dante and Sam to fall head over heels for each other.

Also, Trina will show compassion… even when she wishes she wouldn’t.

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B&B Spoilers for October 4, 2021

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Eric will have a major epiphany today about his romantic situation. Will he realize that his performance issues in the bedroom have less to do with a medical dilemma than it does a psychological one? Quinn isn’t getting his mojo going, but will he realize that another woman can?

Meanwhile, Hope will be a supportive friend to Finn as he discusses unresolved feelings for his birth mom. Is this merely a blossoming friendship, or will future dramas push these two closer together? We’ll have to keep tuning in!

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