Soap Opera Spoilers For Friday, August 19, 2022

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There won’t be any dull moments this week on The Young and the RestlessDays of Our Lives, General Hospital and The Bold and the Beautiful! Find out what will happen with our spoilers for August 19th, 2022:

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Y&R Spoilers for August 19, 2022

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Victor will stand his ground… and by “stand his ground”, we presume he’ll be seated, with his arms crossed, and possibly calling Ashland an “S.O.B.”.

Despite the Moustache’s stance, Nick will consider telling the truth. But if that prospect gets Victor riled up, he should save his stamina — because it sounds like Adam will have an even bigger surprise in store for the family!

Diane is not lacking in self-confidence, that’s for sure. It helped her waltz back into the lion’s den of Genoa City, and today, it’ll allow her to fantasize about her future life with Jack. But is that being confident… or delusional?!

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DOOL Spoilers for August 19, 2022

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EJ will reveal that he knows what Ava is hiding, and unless Vitali gives him what he wants, he’ll broadcast it. The question is: just what does EJ want in return for his silence?

Uh-oh! Li’s sneaky sabotage won’t remain under wraps when Dr. Rolf calls him out on it!

After the whole possession ordeal, Johnny’s apology tour will make its way to Gabi. Will Hernandez accept DiMera’s mea culpa?

As it happens, Chloe will also visit Gabi when she needs a helping hand.

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GH Spoilers for August 19, 2022

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When Alexis and Gregory have a run-in, will they immediately pick up where they left off with some flirtatious bickering? We think so!

Dante will confess that he might have messed things up with Sam. But where is this coming from? The “Sante” relationship seemed pretty solid until now…

Deeply concerned, Finn will reach out to someone from Elizabeth’s past. However, it sounds like this individual might have a “worlds collide” effect on Ms. Webber!

Britt will have some heated words for Cody, but could that heat be of the smoldering, lustful variety? (It could happen…) Elsewhere, Austin will meet with a family member and try to establish some boundaries.

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B&B Spoilers for August 19, 2022

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Carter and Quinn will enjoy some hanky-panky in the Forrester CEO office — until they get caught, that is! Who might walk in on “Quarter” during their mid-day make-out? We’re hoping it’s Paris, simply because she’s the most awkward choice to find her would-be hubby with the woman who stole him away!

Hot on the heels of their passionate night in, Steffy and Finn will again show their love for each other. What can “Sinn” fans expect to see this time? Perhaps they’ll have a second ceremony, but this time without Sheila?!

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