See Bristol Palin’s Rough Wounds In Police Photos

Helga Esteb /

Photos of Bristol Palin’s recent brawl in Anchorage have made it to the web. And now, by Internet obligation, we have to care for another 24 hours.

The best part of what you’re about to see is the fact that Bristol is wearing a camouflage dress. Hey. What’s one step further, when you’ve already taken 27 steps across the line? What you’ll see, but more importantly hear, is Bristol, post-brawl, being interviewed by Anchorage police. The police snapped some photos of the Alaska native, after she got a beat down from a neighbor.

None of this made sense when the story was first reported, and it doesn’t make sense now. It is presumed the Palin’s were invited to the party where all of this nonsense took place, but maybe they were only invited to be ridiculed once they arrived. It’s more likely they were invited by friends, but some enemies were within the mix.

After a small altercation between one of the Palin girls, and an older guest, Bristol decided she’d intervene. In short, she then got her hiney handed to her. Literally.

Bristol was pushed down to the ground, and every time she attempted to get up, she was pushed down again. Then she was dragged across the floor in her dress, all the while being verbally berated… by a male party-goer who has yet to be identified. This is Bristol’s side of the story, and judging by the photos, her story is backed by more evidence than the fella who claims Bristol hit him.

What’s really crazy about all of this? A lot of the American public thought this family should represent the second highest seat in American government. Judging by current popular culture, perhaps that’s not much of a surprise.

To hear Bristol’s tearful recount of the story, and see her post-fight photos, check out the video below.


James Sheldon