Ryan Reynolds Thinks His Baby Is Allergic To Sleep

Dara Kushner/INFphoto.com

Dara Kushner/INFphoto.com

It is a good thing that Ryan Reynolds, 38, and his wife Blake Lively, 27, are so attractive because as it turns out the two are missing out on a lot of beauty sleep since welcoming their new daughter 9-weeks ago.

While Lively has remained mostly out of the spotlight since welcoming their new bundle of joy, Reynolds has been out and about and was recently on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon as the two new dads bonded over the lack of consideration their babies have for their sleep.

“Our baby in particular is, we think, allergic to sleep,” Reynolds joked. “We joke that we think that she thinks she’s protecting us from the sleep monsters. Like, ‘Oh, I have to keep them up or the sleep monsters will get them.'”

He then discussed that he has tried many strategies including his singing skills to get his daughter to sleep but it ends up working more on the exhausted father.

“The trick I try to use is that Baby Einstein stuff, but for me, that’s like horse tranquilizer. No really, I could go down on a lit stove. I could just fall [asleep]. You could push me out of an airplane.”

Lack of sleep has not made Reynolds any less charming or funny as he continued to joke around with Fallon about his own upbringing with his brothers and his father was a cop, “They [cops] were over at our house because people were being thrown through the dry wall.”

He even took in a friendly game of Egg Russian Roulette where they smashed eggs over each other’s head in just another one of Fallon’s classic games.

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