Rihanna Just Wore Fall’s Biggest Trend Head To Toe

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Pop superstar Rihanna is known for her bold and out-of-the-box style. She isn’t afraid to take extremes when it comes to fashion and is known for jumping on even some of the most outrageous trends. Most of the time she’s even starting the trends herself!

Most recently, Rihanna stepped out wearing fall’s biggest print trend, snakeskin. The animal print has been all over bloggers at Fashion Week this year and celebrities seem to love this trend as well. Typically, we’ve seen modest snakeskin accessories such as shoes or handbags, or occasionally a top or pant. Rihanna, however, doesn’t do “modest” when it comes to fashion and opted for an entire snakeskin look from head to toe, including her bucket hat and shoes!

Obviously, this is a “one-time” look that is meant to make a statement and isn’t practical by any means, but we actually love how fearless Rihanna was with this fashion choice. If there’s anyone that can pull off head to toe snakeskin, it’s Rihanna! Check out her look below:

Source: Instagram Source: Instagram
Olivia Di Pede

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