‘Property Brothers’ Drew And Jonathan Scott Share More Details About Their Upcoming Magazine ‘Reveal’


In October, Jonathan and Drew Scott announced they would be launching a lifestyle magazine in the new year.

The twin reality TV stars opened up to PEOPLE about what will be featured in the magazine (which will hit shelves in January 2020) and shared the title of their magazine: Reveal.

“Hundreds and hundreds of hours of discussion” were spent on choosing the magazine’s name, Jonathan said. “We felt Reveal just fully encompasses exactly what we were trying to convey: We want to show simple steps that reveal new ways to get the most out of life. And it happens to just be a clever little tie in to exactly what we’re known for.”

“People ask us all the time why we do what we do. And after all these years — and we’re almost at 400 episodes, 400 families that we’ve helped with our shows — the one thing that we always absolutely love is that moment we reveal the dream home to the families,” Drew added. “That moment was the starting point for us — we would love to have that feeling encapsulated in this lifestyle magazine.”

Reveal magazine will mostly focus on homes, decor and renovations. In addition to what the Property Brothers are best known for, the magazine will also include ideas and advice on entertaining, family, wellness, music, travel and more, from their personal experiences.

“Sharing stories from our experiences, that’s a big thing for us,” Drew told PEOPLE. “We love sharing stories of what has brought us joy, and what really gives us that sense of home.”

The HGTV stars also revealed that there would be a section in the magazine that’s dedicated to advice from parents. In the first issues, their mom and dad will be featured.

“Throughout the other issues we’re going to have different parents, celebrities that are parents or parents of celebrities that are going to be piping in on a little bit of their experiences when it comes to family and raising kids,” said Jonathan.

Alongside parenting advice, Drew and Jonathan shared that one of the magazine’s recurring pieces will be dedicated to “lifestyle fails” that celebrities have shared with the duo.

“Some might be throwing a party. Some might be tackling their own renovation … it’s fun!” said Drew.

Reveal magazine will be issued on a quarterly basis, and published by Meredith Corporation, PEOPLE’s parent company. A single issue will be available for $9.99, while an annual subscription is available for $20.

The HGTV stars also shared the magazine’s official tagline: “It all starts at home.”

“I think it’s going to really start to create a community for people to come together,” said Jonathan about the upcoming publication.

“We want to make sure that, unlike any other magazine out there, we have a much closer relationship with our readers,” Drew added on. “We want this to be a real community instead of just a magazine.”

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