Prince William Says Wife Kate’s Hair is a ‘Nightmare’

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Kate Middleton is known for her beautiful, long brown hair — but her husband says it’s a problem!

During a visit to Centrepoint, a charity for homeless youth in London, Prince William met with some volunteers and visitors and got to talking about Kate’s famed locks.

When he found out that a 20 year-old named Angel was an aspiring hair stylist, he told her that she should attempt to work on Kate’s “nightmare hair.”

Angel was surprised to find out that the royal wasn’t joking. “[Prince William] was asking us all about Centrepoint—how we were doing with our courses and all that sort of stuff. Then suddenly he asked whether I could help out with Kate’s hair, because it’s such a nightmare,” the young student told Us Weekly magazine. “I didn’t think he was serious at first—I couldn’t believe it.”

Apparently, William explained that Kate’s hair is “so long and thick, it’s a bit of an issue.”

The student, of course, would welcome the challenge of styling Kate’s hair. “It would be amazing to do Kate’s hair, because it’s so flawless,” Angel said. “To me, her hair always looks perfect, like no effort goes into it at all—but it obviously must take time to make it look so good. I think any girl would love to do Kate’s hair though.”

Currently, Kate gets her hair done by full-time stylist Amanda Cook Tucker. She must be a master of the craft, since Kate’s bouncy blow-out always looks flawless!


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