Mila Kunis Scolds A Photographer (Video)

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Mila Kunis isn’t the type to be pushed around. She’s brassy. And when an event photographer wouldn’t stop interrupting her red carpet interview at the premier of Third Person, she let the photographer know enough was enough. It was pretty awesome.

Mila was strutting the red carpet in wonderful fashion. She was beautiful, well-dressed, charismatic and quite pregnant. While working the carpet, she stopped several times for various photographers, offered a few poses, grins, sexy glares and moved on. For one photographer, that wasn’t quite enough.

While Mila was engaged in an interview, the photographer kept calling for her attention. Yes, this is definitive rudeness, but this is how it works on the red carpet. The photographers yell a celebrity’s name repeatedly until they’ve captured what they want. This time out, Mila decided enough was enough and she took exception to the pushy photographer. Chances are, this wasn’t the first time Mila has become frustrated with this individual.

Yes, she offered a light chiding. She wasn’t rude. She didn’t yell. She briefly paused, turned her attention to the photographer and let them know she would be back for more photos–they needed to shut up.

The non-gender specific nature of this piece can be chalked up to presumption. There’s a 99.9 percent chance that the photographer was a man. They’re all men. Well, more so dudes, but they are of the male persuasion, nonetheless.

If you want to see a very beautiful woman, stick it to a very pushy (presumed) man, check out the video below.

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