Mila Kunis Gets Called Out For Giving Bad Interview

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Remember when Mila Kunis scolded a member of the press en route to the premier of Third Person? It seems pregnancy has made the talented beauty a little spicy, and according to Stephen Whitty, film critic for the New Jersey Star-Ledger, his interview with Mila during the press period was less than ideal.

Stephen Whitty is old hat when it comes to celebrity interviews. He writes for one of the largest publications on the east coast, and gets his fair share of dibs when it comes to asking questions of those individuals who so many in the world idolize. Still, his latest interview with Mila was nothing less than awkward. It offered little enjoyment for either party.

According to Stephen, he asked the actress several questions that were personal in nature, but in no way prying. These included simple questions about the progress of her pregnancy, and any personal thoughts on the unrest in Ukraine–the nation that played home to Mila until age seven. She wasn’t interested in answering these questions, so she offered what Stephen referred to as “smarmy” responses. And for future reference, Mila doesn’t answer pregnancy questions for publication.

Frankly, isn’t that what Mila Kunis always does? She’s quite sarcastic, and often smarmy in interviews. It’s not completely cynical, but there is often a hint of sarcasm in most of the things she says when offering the obligatory, one-on-one interview.

What took the cake: what she said to Stephen as they wrapped up. It was quite unexpected. To hear what she said, check out the video below.


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