Mila Kunis Finally Confirms Marriage To Ashton Kutcher

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It’s that show that’s on after The Late Show.

James Corden, British comedian, actor and every-man, is now the host of The Late, Late Show, and the first episode is set to air tonight. Kudos to the Into The Woods actor for scoring a guest like Mila Kunis as his very first. Fortunately for James, he’s a funny guy. Mila doesn’t seem to express a lot of patience for interviewers who lack a solid sense of humor.

To answer the question you’re all wondering: James asked her directly about her relationship with Ashton Kutcher, and whether the two are married. After slow-playing an answer, Mila eventually showed off her wedding band. Well, we think she did… she reportedly did… we’re gonna find out for sure tonight when the show airs. And she also couldn’t hide her smile when pressed about the issue.

Honestly, who here doesn’t believe these two have been married for a long while? They became engaged in February of 2014, and frankly, they may have been “engaged” before she was strutting with a ring on her finger. I’d go so far as to say they were married before the birth of their first child, daughter Wyatt, and have simply done an excellent job in keeping things on the down-low for months.

Still, to kick off 2015, Ashton etched a message in the sand saying “Happy New Year – The Kutchers,” and posted that stuff to social media. Some may not be too keen on inference, but that one is rather cut and dry. Or… cut into wet sand, if you will…?

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