Meghan Markle Makes A Surprise Appearance To Celebrate International Woman’s Day

Meghan Markle stepped out on March 8th for a surprise appearance to celebrate International Woman’s Day!

The Duchess of Sussex has always been an advocate for women’s rights, which is why International Woman’s Day is an event she celebrates in a big way. This year, she visited Robert Clack School in the town of Dagenham in east London for a special International Women’s Day assembly.

For the occasion, the Duchess opted for a polished and feminine outfit. She wore a cream tweed blazer which she styled with black trousers, cap-toe heels and a gingham handheld bag. She styled her tresses in a voluminous blowout and wore her makeup glowy and defined.

Meghan spoke to 700 students at the assembly about her passion for women’s rights and the importance of being educated and empowered about the topic.  “When we thought about what I wanted to do for International Women’s Day this year, for me it was incredibly important to be with the women of our future,” she said in her speech.

“And that is all of the young women here, as well as the young men who play a very large part in this. Specifically coming to your school made a lot of sense for me because of this social justice and the impact that it’s rooted in.”

Meghan added, “I encourage and empower each of you to really stand in your truth, to stand for what is right – to continue to respect each other. For young men, to continue to value and appreciate the women in your lives, and also set the example for some men who are not seeing it that same way. You have your mothers, sisters, girlfriends, friends in your life – protect them. Make sure that they are feeling valued and safe. Let’s all rally together to make International Women’s Day something that is not just on Sunday – but frankly, feels like every day of the year.”

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Check out Meghan’s surprise International Woman’s Day appearance below:

(Ben Stansall/Pool via AP)

(Ben Stansall/Pool via AP)

(Ben Stansall/Pool via AP)

(Ben Stansall/Pool via AP)