Justin Bieber Flirts With Ariana Grande On Stage, Gets Warning From Big Sean

Photo by Broadimage/REX

Photo by Broadimage/REX

Only a couple weeks ago Ariana Grande, 21, surprised fans at her Miami show on March 28 by bringing Justin Bieber on stage with her, but it didn’t all go as planned when Bieber forgot his lyrics.

It seems the minor incident didn’t bother Grande as the songstress once again brought Bieber on stage when performing on April 8 in Inglewood, California and while he managed to remember the words this time, he also managed to anger Ariana’s boyfriend, rapper Big Sean, 27.

Apparently Big Sean thought Bieber got just a little too flirty and grabby with his girlfriend as he quickly sent out a warning to the pop star on Twitter, which he later deleted. “This kid is about to learn not to touch my girl like that. Beliebe that.”

While everyone is well aware that Grande and Sean are definitely in love, Bieber isn’t trying to scam in as he said he really isn’t looking for a relationship right now.

“Well, at this point in my life I’m so focused on myself that I’m not looking for a girlfriend. I’m just trying to make sure I’m 100 percent so I can add to the person I want to be with. I want a girl I can trust, who I can lean on. This business is hard, and I want someone I can confide in,” Bieber recently told USA Today.

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Check Out Bieber and Grande’s performance below!

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