Jessica Biel Gushes About Partner, Justin Timberlake

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Jessica Biel got a little gushy about her husband, Justin Timberlake during a recent appearance on Good Morning America.

Biel is taking the education of women’s reproductive health into her own hands through a online series of hilarious Funny or Die videos. She is partnering up with friend Saundra Pelletier, CEO of WomanCare Global, to launch the series and share the message of sexual health in a funny light-mannered way that is accessible to everyone.

Biel and Pelletier’s educational mission is to collectively bring all the facts together into one place, so that young men and women are getting their information from a reliable source, and to of course, end the stigma on topics related to reproductive health.

“We don’t want women’s reproductive health issues to be hidden under stigma or taboos anymore. And how best to reach all demographics? “Jessica Biel told Good Morning America on Tuesday, Sept. 29. “Can we please laugh about all this crazy stuff that happens to us?”

The 33-year-old actress is a new mom to five month old Silas and admits she knew nothing about what her body would go through during pregnancy.

When asked about Justin Timberlake’s opinion on the matter, Biel gushes over his support through her new business endeavor.

“He supports everything that I do and that’s I think why he’s a wonderful partner. And we should just be able to talk and laugh and learn together,” she said.


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Katherine G

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