Jenny McCarthy Transgender Comments Spark Controversy

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Jenny McCarthy recently revealed that she has always felt a little transgender on the inside. And now, we’ll spend the next 300 or so words trying to figure out exactly what that means.

Jenny McCarthy is no stranger to controversy, nor does she fear it. If anything, she welcomes it with open arms, and a kiss on both cheeks. Jenny speaks her mind, and when her mind has checked out, she speaks anyway.

It was no surprise to hear an interview in which Jenny stated that she has always felt a little transgender on the inside. According to Jenny, she relates to the guys. She’s always felt comfortable around the guys. She always felt like she’s just one of the guys.

With such logic, we can conclude that every guy who has an interest in fashion… must also be a little transgender. Clearly, that’s something that only comes in female DNA.

How anything Jenny suggested makes someone “transgender,” we’ll never know, because it’s just dumb. Applying comfort level, hobbies and activities to sexual identity offers one bout of flawed logic after the next. How is it even possible to make sense of such? And applying identity, or essence to a gender in the first place?

Oh, Jenny.

Fortunately, in the same interview, she was asked more questions about sexual identity, and she offered more faux enlightenment and Jenny McCarthy philosophy to the point of being quite entertaining. A teaser: What if her son turns out to be gay; stereotypes; everyone is bisexual.

You can enjoy all of those in the video below.

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