Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Reportedly Wed In Secret Wedding

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After her very public relationship, marriage and, unfortunately, also her divorce from Brad Pitt, actress Jennifer Aniston has been much more secretive about her wedding plans with Justin Theroux.

Since the two have been engaged since 2012, many have asked when and where the wedding was finally going to happen, but Aniston remained tight-lipped, only telling Ellen DeGeneres while on her show awhile back that she will make sure to give her lots of notice.

Now, it seems it has finally happened with outlets reporting the two tied the knot on August, 5, at their Bel Air mansion in an event disguised as a very private party.

Of course, no matter how hard they tried, the secret is out, as photos obtained by TMZ show their backyard set up for a formal affair with a large cake decked out with two muppet characters with the female one seemingly wearing a veil. According to the site, Aniston had told friends she was throwing a surprise party for Justin’s 44th birthday but, given the set-up, cake and what also appears to be a pastor holding a bible, most signs point to a wedding!

Reps for the couple have not responded to resquests from the media, but we’re thinking there is probably a congratulations in order.

Telisa Carter

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