How a 13 Year Old Girl Changed Matt Damon’s Perspective!

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Matt Damon is such an accommodating activist. Sure, he can get riled up and as passionate as the next guy or gal, but he’s always willing to share his perspective with kindness, and educate listeners on why he’s continuing to raise awareness in addressing global needs.

Matt recently sat down to discuss the issues of water availability and hygiene throughout the world, and offered a few staggering statistics about the well being of billions who go without either necessity on a daily basis. As the world population continues to grow, so does the percentage of individuals who go without clean water, and/or even the ability to use the bathroom in a clean environment. Matt tosses out a fact that more people in the global population have cellphones than there are people who have the ability to use a toilet.

Matt went on to share a personal anecdote which shifted his entire perspective and worldview. While visiting Haiti, he met a 13 year old girl who described herself as “the smartest girl in her class.” Damon had the opportunity to ask her about her day to day. One of the things they spoke about was how much time she spent everyday, just looking for water that was potentially drinkable, or could be used for ingestion through cooking. She told him three hours.

Matt went on to talk more with her about potential, specifically relating to time saved by having clean water sources. Her answer was simple, and quite perfect for a child.

Check out the video below to hear what the girl told Matt, and how it changed the way he viewed clean water issues throughout the world.


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