Channing Tatum Asks Judge To Settle Custody Agreement With Ex-Wife Jenna Dewan

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Although Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan’s separation has been finalized, the two exes are focused on settling custody arrangements for their only child, Everly Tatum.

In legal documents filed on Monday in California court, “Tatum filed a request for the court to issue orders in regard to child custody and visitation of their 6-year-old daughter, for who they share joint legal and physical custody,” as reported by E! News.

Although Tatum and Dewan have agreed on a summer vacation schedule, as per the legal documents, he has also “proposed terms for traveling with Everly, taking her out of school and spending holidays, including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, Spring Break and birthdays, with each parent going forward,” according to E! News.

“Over the past six months, it has become evident to me that a clear and specific holiday schedule is necessary and important,” said Tatum’s declaration. “We both need to be able to make plans during our respective custodial times, particularly during the holidays, and having a set schedule will allow us to do that.”

Tatum has also requested on establishing a FaceTime schedule for him and Dewan, in order to communicate with their daughter while she is in custody of the other by using a specific app to “streamline communication” with his ex-wife and daughter – the request also included monthly co-parenting counseling sessions via telephone. The actor has asked the court to approve his request for a co-parenting counselor to be appointed.

“Since Petitioner and l entered into the February 2019 Stipulation, we have both requested to make adjustments to the base custodial schedule to accommodate our respective work schedules. Due to our professions, our schedules are constantly changing, and flexibility is needed to ensure that we are both able to work and be able to have equal time with Everly. We have had difficulty navigating these accommodations without assistance‚ which has led to both confusion and conflict,” Tatum added. “I recognize Petitioner and I will continue to have to make adjustments to the custody schedule due to our work. And in an effort to avoid any unnecessary confusion and conflict going forward, I believe it is necessary for Petitioner and me to work with a co-parenting counselor to assist us with making modifications to the custodial schedule as needed, as we have not been able to do so effectively. In that regard, a co-parenting counselor will also be beneficial for Petitioner and me to work with so that we can address any other issues that may arise related to custody and co-parenting.”

Tatum has also requested that neither parent be “authorized to use Everly’s name, image or likeness for any paid or for profit sponsorship, advertisement, campaign or partnership, including on any form of social media or any other media, without the prior written consent of the other party.”

“It’s very important to Channing that everything is in writing and laid out very clearly,” a source revealed to E! News. “They don’t want to have any surprises or conflicts over scheduling and if it’s figured out ahead of time, they will both have a better idea. It’s better for Everly to know what to expect and everyone can plan accordingly.”

According to the same source, Dewan wants the same things as her ex-husband. “Jenna has been working to provide for her family and to make sure that Everly has a great relationship with her father,” the source told the outlet. “Jenna’s number one priority is her daughter and her well-being. She wants Everly to have stability and happiness.”

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